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Ready to hang it up

Ready to hang it up

I’m using this


I’m finding when I tape, I’m using this tape.

The tape is frickn brutal. But I usually wet it a bit so it does not stick as much.

I use about 1 - 1.5 ft of the tape, 1/2” wide. I pull the penis as far as I can with one hand, stretch the skin back with the other hand and tape like 1/4” below the glans and down to the base. I then use a wider piece about 2” wide or so over that. I then put on the device as mentioned in the tutorial I found “modified bib hanger” and put it on like 1/4” below the glans and squeeze the blood out of the head the best I can as I tighten.

I’m up to 10lbs now, but the problem is that skin always sticks out past the tape and when I start to hang the skin looks like a blister and is as hard as a rock, and the head as well. I’ve tried numerous types of tape that my wife gets @ work (she’s an RN) and this tape pictured is the only thing that does work half decent. However there is a lot of pain with the skin protruding and the head.

Should I give up on the bib method and get a vacuum hanger? I like the idea of building up slowly to huge weight but this problem has me really pissed off and ready to give up.

When I started around 5-7 lbs it wasn’t that bad, but now it’s brutal, the problem I’m having with the skin / taping. For the record, I’m cut, but have a little foreskin that covers about almost 1/4 of the head. I’m 7” BPEL as of now, but want to get to 9”

Any help / guidance is appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin

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Try a little cloth wrap beneath the tape to protect the skin.

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