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Ready for a BiB

Ready for a BiB

I am on my second home made hanger. I am experiencing problems and trial and error. I read a thread where bib wrote about the swim cap days and how to hang more weight. I made my hanger out of some metal pieces I found at home depot. I have hung 18 lbs with decent comfortability. My third attempt to build another hanger was cut short by an employee of Home Depot when he insisted to help me find what I was looking for. I told him I needed a piece to hold a pipe in my bathroom against the wall. I couldn’t tell him I was trying to build a home made hanger to hang weights from my penis. Anyway, I had to move the strap and hung tonight and only felt pull at the top of my base. This is the first time I felt it only on the top. I was only able to hang with 11 lbs because I think all the weight is forced to the top of my penis and it was intense. Bib, I want to order your hanger but also don’t want to fail. Please tell me if I’m going in the right direction or just give in and buy the real thing. Thanx

Um…if you don’t have the money for a Bib, you could always make a Wench or a ChickenChoker…

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The Bib is a nice piece. When you consider the amount of time invested experimenting and getting your own to work right, the Bib is a good deal. It’s adjustable and grips good. Using my home made hanger, I never understood what “gripping the inside structure” meant until I bought the Bib. Plus, when you have nice tools to work with, it helps to motivate. With me it does anyway.

>I never understood what “gripping the inside structure” meant until I bought the Bib.

I think that’s probably the case with most who haven’t used a screw-tightening hanger of good design.

Having the right tool for the job is a very important ingredient for success

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Give in and get a Bib, I just did and look forward to hitting my goals with the cutting edge equipment my unit deserves :P

Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

I bought a bib after a few homemade attempts. Although I never tried the homemade pieces, I didn’t like the looks of ‘em. I broke down and bought a bib. Don’t regret it, either. It’s the best 100 bucks I ever spent.

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Restart: 7.12 X 5.12 EBP 4.5 X 4.5 Flaccid

Goal: Somewhere between "Oh my God!!" and the end of blowjobs.

Thanks for the replies. I’m gonna order one tonight. I have gained a 1/4 inch in 3 months with this hanger but don’t think it can handle the weight I need to further my gains. I look forward to hang the weight of some hangers like 20 & 25 lbs.

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