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Random thoughts and tips

Random thoughts and tips

Just stuff I made notes of to post. Sunday is a good day to do it.

For some reason, during a hanging set, I would generally become uncomfortable at the 12-13 minute mark. I would look at the clock to check my time and this was very consistant. If I simply waited a minute, the discomfort would disappear.

During the first set, my head would generally itch like crazy. Don’t really know why.

Always relax while hanging. If you can’t concentrate on something else while hanging and relax, you either have something wrong with your setup, or you are hanging too much weight.

Hair stubble can be a bitch under the wrap. If you feel skin irritation where the hanger is attached, this could be it. Pause a minute and trim the shaft.

Comfort. Do not discount changing attachment areas, rewrapping, or changing hanger setting when you have discomfort. You will find conditions that are very comfortable suddenly become uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Do not be afraid to experiment and change up from time to time.

Learn to diferentiate between soreness/fatigue and skin soreness/irritaion or undue pressure in an area. If the later keeps you from achieving the former, you are not doing much good. As time goes on, and you need more stress to achieve fatigue and gains, the other problems can become more evident. You will need to take some time and adjust things to allow more stress.

Never be afraid to go down in weight because of soreness/fatigue. This is natural. Guys sometimes think dropping weight indicates that they are not getting the most out of a set. This is incorrect. When you have to drop weight, you are making progress. As Martha S. says, it is a good thing.

Skin stretch is not a definitive indicator of gains to come, but it is needed before gains will come.

Try to keep the area under the wrap from becoming damp. The dryer, the more comfort. If you apply arnica or Vit E lotion during hanging, only do it on the head and upper shaft away from the wrap area. Apply lotions after you are through hanging for the day to the rest of your penis.

Take time to experiment with different wraps, combinations, and tightness of the various wraps. You will be suprised at the difference in comfort.


Dear Bib !

Thanks a lot for your important tips ! We don ` t feel alone and well encouraged !

All the best wantmore

Bib, I believe this needs a baloon. What do you think?



What is a baloon?


I think he means a sticky, like all of the ones at the top of every forum.

Kinda looks like a balloon.

Why not add this thread to your “Favorites”?? That way you will know how to find them quickly. Sticky posts have a tendancy to be ignored by most. Especially if the whole top of the thread list is “stickies”.

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Thanks, Thunder. I learn something new every day here.


Thought I would add some of my own “tips”:

Best way to squeeze the blood from the head is to pull the entire wrapping towards the tip, then squeeze the tip. It does a much better job than just squeezing alone. Bib noted this some time ago but it bears repeating. I have to use it on the 2nd and 3rd sets.

Happiness is a warm….. bibhanger. Warming up with heat makes hanging more comfortable and possibly more productive. I’ve started using a spare rice sock to heat up the bibhanger, too! Really helps to keep the entire package warm.

I leave the wrapping on for 4-6 hours after hanging as a traction wrap. Mostly as an attempt to increase flaccid size. Effective? I can’t say. Can pee with it on, but have to milk BTB to wring it all out.

I’ve cut off the extraneous thread of the lower adjustment bolts to have more “clearance” when hanging BTC.

To be able to hang comfortably, you must be able to duplicate the positionings/settings when a comfort zone is found. Judge your wrapping position based on the circ scar or other mark. Add a magic marker line to the bibhanger to judge location of attachment with respect to the front edge of the wrapping.

Speaking of wrapping, sweatshirt material under theraband really improved the ability to hang comfortably for me.

The only issue I have now with hanging is sometimes I get fluid buildup in the small roll of skin that gets bunched up between the hanger and head. May be due to how tight the wrapping is or how tight the hanger is clamped. If only there was a way to quantify those variables….


Nice post.

>The only issue I have now with hanging is sometimes I get fluid buildup in the small roll of skin that gets bunched up between the hanger and head. May be due to how tight the wrapping is or how tight the hanger is clamped. If only there was a way to quantify those variables….<

I always found fluid buildup to be a direct product of wrap tightness. A little too much, and here it would come.


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