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Radical Measures

Originally Posted by Shiver
I’ve used a bottle of porcine relaxin (60x 2mcg) in about a week.

I meant to say 60x 20mcg. Although in this instance relaxin didn’t work, I still believe that there will be something out there that achieves the same effect.

I want to thank you guys for your responses. I think the problem I’m having is that I just can’t accept that PE is so difficult for me. I’ve already “divided” once by hanging only BTC. Apparently, I have not yet “conquered.” Further division is required.

Today’s my day off. Maybe I’ll try to rig up a pully system for pulling the weights to the sides when hanging BTC. That sounds more effective than swinging the weights.

As I said above, I’ve got about 2 months to make something happen, before I pretty much will be forced to take a break. You guys have given me hope that I have not yet reached the end of the line. Less radical measures than slamming the card door may still be effective. :hanger:

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If it’s purple and turning to leather, that doesn’t sound too good. Are you sure you aren’t slowly killing it or something, killing the cells? It almost sounds like it. Is that a normal thing in hanging?

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PG and Electron,

Thanks for your concern. My dick is still alive and somewhat healthy, I’m happy to say. Morning wood is still strong; erections are on demand; everything works. It’s just that the skin has taken a serious beating from the hanger.

Going from 15# to 20# was difficult. I believe that the skin toughness is actually necessary when hanging heavy weights. It’s like getting calluses from weight lifting. There’s a lot of soreness and some trauma in the beginning, but after a while you get used to it, and your body adapts. So far, I haven’t suffered from any damage that a good night’s sleep or two hasn’t corrected.

With some of the good advice I’ve received in this thread, I hope to be able to further divide and (this time) conquer, with any luck at lower weights than I previously required.

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First off, very impressive dedication and work ethic with your hanging efforts. You deserve to gain.

A couple of ideas to consider:

While I believe in LOT Theory and hang BTC in accordance with it now (LOT = 9:00), at times in the past, I’ve hung SO (also with LOT = 9:00) and gained. It has been noted that ligs “toughen” with hanging, then requiring additional weight to achieve fatigue and further gains. I don’t think I’ve seen mention of the tunica “toughening” with hanging. If I’m not mistaken, Bigger has postulated that (paraphrasing) ‘tunica growth, in theory, should be unlimited’.

The point of that is that while according to LOT Theory, lig stretching gains are supposed to be easier to get for guys with LOTs like ours, IMO, that is true only to a point; at some relatively high weight required for fatigue, the toughness that the ligs have acquired, renders the tunica the easier element to stretch. You might be at that juncture. If you do decide to go with hanging at higher angles for tunica lengthening, I can strongly endorse fulcrum hanging. I think it magnifies effectives of the time spent hanging by a factor of 1.5 at least (swag =scientific wild ass guess).

Having said that, I think that there are 2 very important strategies that have helped me with achieving BTC hanging gains:

1) Using a stretcher to stretch the tunica at high angles as part of a BTC hanging regimen. This helps to keep one’s LOT from falling as a result of BTC hanging, keeping the magnitude of potential lig gains ~constant while gaining! I do it for about 1-1.5 hours 5 days a week (hanging every day, BTW).

2) Using an ADS to keep ligs stretched after/between hanging sessions. I use weights, but I would think that a stretcher could also be used as long as it was positioned down (low angle) to keep the ligs stretched.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment, other than maybe upping the duration of each set to 20-25 minutes if you can. The actual time at fatigue is when we gain (I’m told, makes sense). I’m able to avoid upping weight somewhat by slightly lengthening my sets instead.

I hope this is helpful.

I believe I read earlier, and correct me shiver if I’m wrong, that Shiver used the relaxin orally. Maybe direct penetration via DMSO as a carrier through the skin would work. Twenty pounds isn’t THAT heavy if you’re conditoned, maybe up it a bit? Also, try the palm fulcrum stretch mostly erect to see if that does’nt loosen up the connections just inside the body for those ligaments. I envy your flexible fundiform—mine is like polyethylene. Good luck!

That’s good advice, Xenolith. Switching to higher angles has certainly crossed my mind, LOT theory be damned. Worst comes to worst, I’ll end up raising my LOT and will have more lig potential later. I would also give the ligs a break and allow them to decondition a bit. I guess I have to make a decision—continue pounding the ligs, via divide and conquer, or switch to a higher angle to work the tunica.

Swinglow: Let me know if you and Shiver come up with any workable concoctions. Perhaps increasing the weight won’t seem so scary in a couple of more weeks, after my skin conditions a bit more. I’d rather avoid it if I can, however.

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I have one more bottle of relaxin here, and I also have DMSO. I’d have to go check, but I think relaxin is a huge molecule, and if so, it wouldn’t be too good for penetration. I don’t experiment much with the DMSO because even though it’s a supposedly low odour version (DUSA 60), it still does smell a lot. When you smell the bottle there is no smell, then 5 or 6 seconds later the smell develops in your nose and floods into your taste buds. That how reactive it is on contact, even in such miniscule amounts of vapour.

If someone can come up with a convincing case to try it then I will, but I don’t want to be a social leper without good reason.

Have you tried using heat while you hang? Like wrapping a hot rice sock around your penis while you hang, or have an IR light setup to keep constant heat at the site?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood: Yes, I use both a rice sock and a terrific IR heater I picked up from Costco. I’ve always been very aggressive with the heat.

On a different note, I just noticed I have a couple of hard knot-like spots on the ventral side of my penis, right where the hanger tends to compress the tissues. They are painful when I apply pressure, but otherwise not. One of them looks like a tube. I can’t really see the other one well enough to tell what it is. Do these sound like like thrombosed veins to you?

Edit: Damn, I just remembered hanging late last week with a very slight erection. I thought it would help with the heavier weights. Sounds like I may have caused myself some trouble.

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OK guys, I have to admit. I’m strongly considering a de-conditioning break now. I really want to weaken the tissues and get the weights down. I’m also eager to get a big piece of my life back—hanging has been a huge sacrifice.

I have to admit I’ve become addicted to PE. The newfound feeling of confidence makes it hard to let go. A larger dick is a type of security blanket. Giving up the behavior that created it promotes anxiety.

Still, many threads have shown that regular strategic deconditioning breaks actually promote gains. Let me think about this one.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I have to admit I’ve become addicted to PE. The newfound feeling of confidence makes it hard to let go. A larger dick is a type of security blanket. Giving up the behavior that created it promotes anxiety.

I know how that feels. Have you developed a low LOT due to PE? Or has your LOT never changed at all since you first heard about the theory?

… and you know what’s funny? My basic stretch/jelq for 30 min routine appears to have given me more gains than the hanging!

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Hey Modesto, if I can give a piece of advice while accepting some at the same time. I’d say go with Hobby’s advice, with all due respect to everyone else and their opinions. The reason I say this is because your situation reminds me a lot of myself. I started out a long time ago hanging BTC, and got absolutely nothing. I used to stress out with PE completely, took breaks and got nothing.

I occasionally switched to OTS, took a long break and now am back hanging solely OTS and aside from intense fatigue i’ve got nothing. I hang 35 lbs this way, I don’t know about you but my tunica is like steel and more focused on the left side of my unit. I guess that’s why it goes to the left.

So to make a long story short if i were you I would skip OTS for now and go straight to OTL as I now intend to do. Also I would not take a break yet as sometimes this just puts of your goals even longer, plus you’d be working a different area so it is like a break. Divide and conquer sounds good, oh yeah you see when i began by my join date and I’ve gained nothing myself.

Hope your problem isn’t as hard on you as mine is on me mentally I’m so bothered by my situation that I haven’t had sex in about 8 months. Funny thing is I’ve got about 4 girls @ work throwing it at me. Hang in there, Don’t quit.

Wt282: When I first started with PE, my LOT was around 7-8. Over time, it slowly rose to around 8-9, I think as a result of some OTS hanging. Now, after a few months of BTC, it’s back to around 8 again.

I’ve also gained some from jelqing and stretching—0.5” BPEL and 0.7” EG. I decided to start hanging because my girth was growing too fast; what I really needed was length.

T-Rex: I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also had problems achieving gains. It sounds like you’ve been working quite hard at it, as well. I do like Hobby’s advice about hanging OTL (or UTL, if I can figure out how). If “divide and conquer” doesn’t work, subdivide and conquer.

There are a couple of other factors at work here, however. One is that I’ve recently started a new business and need to focus more on that. Although I can certainly multi-task while hanging, there’s only so much that I can do while strapped to a chair. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I need a break—physically, mentally, and in terms of honoring my priorities.

I’m thinking of stopping cold turkey and staying away from all forms of PE for a minimum of 2 months. That should bring my tissue strength down by about 50%, and put me in a much better position to grow without requiring so much weight. I need to decide whether to limit myself to jelqing and stretching when I return, or to start right in hanging with a “subdivide” and conquer approach. As I said above, I’ve actually gained through jelquing and stretching, so I may focus on that first. I guess I’ll have time to think about that.

My decision to take a break isn’t final, but I think it would be wise to take at least a short break, given that I’ve developed a thrombosed vein.

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Modesto, I swear we are in the same bloodline or gene pool (of course you got the Brains though).

I might try hanging again, but if I do, I’m going to try what Andrew mentioned, with the fulcrum hanging, and also take Lost Guitars suggestion, which is also hitting on the fulcrum I believe.

I feel you pain.


cead mile failte :lep:


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