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Racquetball Strap and Bowflex

Racquetball Strap and Bowflex

Hello all. I was yapping with someone who thought several other folks could benefit from this so here ya go.

I’ve been using a wrist strap designed to go around your wrist and tie the racket to your arm (so it doesn’t go flying). I found a strap that was cloth and has a nice eyelet for attaching to. I’ve been able to hang weights using this tool but have never gone over 10 lbs. This strap costs under 10 bucks and is available at your local sporting goods store in the racquetball section.

Next, I’ve got a bow flex machine that makes for nice upward pulls. I’ll use the lat tower and put a nice upward tug on my unit with this. I can alternate weights and add as much as needed and it works pretty well. The cables aren’t quite long enough so I added length by using a bungee cord which worked out very well. My new routine with this is still in progress but it will probably be a MWF type deal with a nice pull. The bonus is that I’ll be able to do PC flexes with resistance on an upward pull.

This may not feel as good for everyone but for me the upward pull feels very good and the combined PC flex seems to be providing a good workout.

… and for the record - this place ROCKS!


I don’t remember seeing that exercise in the video bowflex send me:D

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Be careful with your dorsal nerves.

Here are a couple pictures so you can see. The first one is the stretch and the second is the strap.

Bow Flexing


Para-Goomba - thank you for the input. Does an upward stretch put more strain on the dorsal nerve then a downward hang does? I don’t want to have any damage. I don’t put a lot of weight on, just a nice even pull. Between being an upward pull, and a cable system, the pull fills a little different then the usual downward hang. Please let me know - thanks again for the feedback!


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