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Questions to Heavy-Weight-Hangers



I just finished reading the link that tryin4more posted above (good one - thanks). They talk about “electric - tingling” sensation as being a good thing. So… I guess that’s what it is.


”2in2002”, thanks for your encouraging answers. That’s what I wanted to hear/read from somebody (on this board) telling me that I am on the right way.
Once I read on this board, I think it was a thread from Bib, that “when you use hanging for PE and you don’t feel any soreness during/after your hang session then you are probably wasting your time.” Well, I think that’s what I have experienced during the last 4-5 months. Hanging with too less weight (~14 lbs) and therefore maybe no results.
But as ”2in2002” mentioned before, I don’t regard this period as wasted time any more, but as part of the way to my personal, accurate routine.
Question to the hanging time: Currently, I hang up to 2 hours. More is not possible due to lack of privacy and time. Do you think that this is enough? How much time did you guys (vets/beginners) dedicate to hanging every day? (Yes, I know this question has been asked a thousand times on this board. Maybe somebody can give me some good links to already posted threads dealing with this subject.)
One further Question: When masturbating right after an hang session or just one day after (the hang session) is it normal that you measure up less? (Good links to threads on this board also dealing with this subject are appreciated.)
Last remark: I often read on this board that nobody who did/doing PE (hanging) and visiting (posting and reading threads on) this board is known as a non-gainer. Means, everybody has gained something. The one more the other less.
This is what encourages me most.
Hope to see some gains soon. If gains show up then you probably gain more because of the positive enthusiastic gain effect —> reinforcement



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