Questions for the hangers

Ok I have some questions for you guys. I am on BIBs forums but I’ve been asking so many questions Im probably annoying the hell out of him haha. So Im going to ask you guys.

1. I do not understand how one can ride the fatigue yet only increase their weight in small increments… Please explain this to me.

2. I’m currently starting my 8th week of hanging. I am at 5lbs and Im doing 6 sessions of 20 min sets BTC and SD. Should I go to 5.5lbs tomorrow(start of new week) or go up one pound? Note: I have been going up in .5lbs stages.

3. How does one know when his ligs are maxed out so I can move onto Tuncia stretches?

4. If my LOT is 730 or 7 should I not continue hanging sd and btc since from what I’ve read it isn’t beneficial?