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Questions about hanging for you pros


You do understand that no matter how tight the hanger is it will always slide on the internal shaft?

Your job is to make sure the hanger is far enough back behind the head that it will not ride of the coronal ridge when the weight is applied. There should be enough skin bunching up and acting like a brake to stop the hanger at the “shoulders” of the head. Skin may ride over the head, that’s okay, but not the hanger.

Do a search in Member Pics for hanging pics. That will give you an idea what it should look like when hanging.

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Got yet.another question..

Anyone’s balls get sore when hanging BTC? My right nut feels like it is aching.anythingto avoid this? And has anyone felt like they have one lig speicficaly that is really sore.when I hang BTC I feel a general strain on my whole lower ab./pubic area and then on the right side of the shaft, rgith at the base it feel like there is on lig in there that is sore or irritated, I’ll swing the weight a lil to ‘what feels like’ loosens it up.has anyone ever felt anything like this before? Do you beleive it to be a lig or skin or.

I have felt what you describe in the balls with BTC hanging. If you are lying on your back, try putting a pillow under your lower back to arch it a bit and it helps take some of the pressure off.

As for the one lig, make sure the shaft is not twisting in the hanger. I noticed that if the shaft twist that it put more pull one one lig more than the other.

Make sure you use heat for the first part of each set.

Skin stretch feels like a burn in the skin. Ligs feel deeper.

Yet.another question.this time about the routine.I have been doing 110 min a day.. Warm set of twenty minutes.then my max weight for 80 minutes/fatiguing,then a cool down weight. Should I do something different like use an even heavier weight after the warm up set and than my max weight (which I use for 4 straight 20 min sets) then gradually decrease the weight of each following set? Should I build up weight every set instead? Is hanging twice a day for less time (2 sessions of 60 minutes) with a warm-up set and 2 max weight sets following? Also I hang five days a resting two days straight better or one day twice a week? Any advice would be appreciated

First I would not hang more than 20 min per set.

You can start with a warm up set but try to get to your max weight the first or second set to reach fatigue as fast as possible. The goal in hanging is to hang in a fatigued state. It doesn’t matter what the amount of weight is just as long as you get fatigue then if you have to drop weight on the next sets do so. Try to hang as many 20 min sets as you can or have time for while feeling fatigue through the sets. If you feel pain at any time stop and drop the weight. Hope this helps.

A question for the pros.. Regarding the length when hanging and the length in the maximum erect state.

Do you guys seem to have a longer length while hanging or does the hanging length equate closely to your maximum erect length?
Also if there is a difference between the two, what is it normally?


I personally have never measured while hanging. For one, it’s hard to get a metal ruler to lay along the top of your penis with a hanger attached. Two, with the skin stretched tight at the base, it’s near impossible to get the same bone pressed measurement as my maximum erect length. Some people measure Bone Pressed and compare that to their Bone Pressed Flaccid Stetch Length.

All right how does this sound for a routine..
10 min warm up hang 6.5 lbs
20 min set 8.5
20 min set 8.5
20 min set start with 8.5——too fatigued / drop to 8 or 7.5
20 min set with 7.5 or 7.0 - whatever keeps me fatigued and bearable
20 min set 7.0 - 6.5 “
10 min cool down weight

HOW does this routine sound? I’m trying to do this, and then once I can get through the third set with 8.5 lbs. With out dropping the weight midway through the set, I’m going to bump the weight up lb. Or .5lb. On all sets.. And repeat this cycle of hanging where I’ll increase the weight on all sets until I can get through the third 20 min set of the max weight without having to have to drop weight midway through..
Any comments would be great thanks

Most hangers generally will not do a “warm-up” set.

Start at your max weight (or your max weight for that day). Gradually decrease your weight until you are at 50% of where you started.

Are you heating your entire pelvic region prior to hanging?

After the area is nice and warm, do a minute or two of manual stretching. Straight out Rotary cranks are good before a hanging session.

Your first set should be the highest amount of weight you can handle (safely and wisely) for a full 20 minute set.

If you can do two sets of 8.5 lbs, try one beginning set of 9 or 9.5 lbs. Then proceed with 8, 7, 6, and so on. You get the idea. A cool down set is not necessary. Make every set a real set of hanging. For my last set, I will turn off my heating pads at the beginning of the set to let the ligs/tunica/shaft cool in the extended state.

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I’ve switched to SD hanging due to high angle bruising, but now have a new problem. I need a way to keep my rice sock on the lig area while hanging. As it is I have to hold it either with a hand or by squeezing my legs together. Do any of you use rice socks while hanging SD, and if so how do you keep it in place? Of course I could duct tape it or use rubber bands, but I’d rather hear what others are doing first.

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It seems like some guys just naturally start with stronger units. In my first week of hanging, I was able to comfortably handle 10 lbs SD and 12.5lbs OTS.

As for the rice sock in the SD position, I used the strap from a lap top bag. Clip one end to the rice sock and the other to either the back of your chair or to a 2.5 lb plate. Drape the strap across the top of your thigh. Adjust the length of the strap so that rice sock stays in place.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
In theory, you should continue to increase the weight until you hit a maximum. I believe your “maximum” is the greatest amount of weight you can manage to hang for a complete single set (20 minutes). Any more weight would be too much fatigue or pain for you to finish; any less would yield less than optimal fatigue.

Consistently hanging at weights below your max (i.e., not causing fatigue) will tend to strengthen your tissues rather than allowing them to elongate.

According to this way of thinking, it is important always to hang to fatigue. If you’re not fatiguing, you’re not gaining.


Do you think this is true for hanging for the tunica as well? In particular, for fulcrum hanging for the tunica? I can’t remember who it was (it may have been Andrew69), but someone stated that he got best results with fulcrum hanging for the tunica when using relatively light weights (5-7 lbs or so).

I’ve been fulcrum hanging with 7.5 lbs for a month or two now. I experience no fatigue at all doing this. But I don’t know if the fatigue issue is the same when we are talking about the tunica, instead of the ligs.

Also, my hanging time is limited these days to 1 to 1.5 hours (total hanging time).


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