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Questions about hanging and penis curvature

Questions about hanging and penis curvature

Hello PE world! Hope this is the right place.

I’m on PE since October 2015. Already have done the Newbie and the Standard routines. Right now I’m on Hanging, using a AFB, SD. Following Hanging 101

My last measures:
BPEL 6.4
BP EG 5.11
FL 4.13
FG 4.33

My routine hanging with 990g:
- 10 min warm up
- 5 set of 20 min with 10 min off rest, massage and light jelqs between the sets.
- No warm down, just the massages and light jelqs

First I want to reach 6 sets and than add weight.

It seems that my left ligs are more stuck, and my penis point to left. (Picture Questions about hanging and penis curvature).

I’ve read Fow fow - Fow’s “Fowfer” and Other Routines
And sta-kool Penis POINTS toward left — how to correct?
And so I’m thinking of combine the techniques:

- Jelqs for right
- Stretches for right
- Hanging over the right leg
- Two sessions of 30 min (morning and afternoon) of sit fowfers
- And the dowel rod stretch presented by Fow on post 9.

My questions:
Is that correct? Can I add this to my routine or it will be too much? May I first stop the hanging, stretch the left ligs and then comeback to hanging?

It really feels that my visible penis would be “bigger” if the two sides where equal, for more :D

Thanks in advance!

I think you’re doing the right things to reduce your curvature. But I’d also suggest that you may be obsessing over it a bit too much. Almost all penises have a curvature of some sort. Like you, I started out with a moderate curvature to the left, and after 18 months of hanging and focusing more pressure on the left side, I still curve a little to the left, but not as much as before.

Live long and prosper.

Thanks for your attention ErnieBanks!

I agree with you that I’m sounding obsessive, I’ve made a lot of research on this and just figured out that I’m not concerned about the curvature .. But actually about the left ligs on the pubic area. They are so different on the right side.

Do the routines that I’ve listed help me on the ligs?

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