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I guess I’m looking more for opinion’s then anything else on this matter.I use a pump and have now for about the last 15 years somewhat regularly and have always gone for girth.And I also use to hang weights from the back-side of my head for length off and on as well.although not as often as the pumping.Well at the start of this year, I got back into hanging weights very seriously and I have a routine I go by now.I always used to use a 3lb. Weight, so that’s what I started out with again at the first of the year.Well the last 3 weeks roughly, I’ve moved up to 5lbs. Now and what I do is I use a very comfortable wide string and tie it around the back-side of my head and then I wrap the string a certain way so the weight doesn’t slip off.When I started with the 3lb. Weight, I did three 10 minute session’s with a 5 minute break in-between.Now since I’ve gone to the 5lb. Weight, I was doing the three 10 minute session’s, but now I’m doing two 15 minute session’s with between a 5 to 10 minute break.And I do this just about everyday.Once in a great while I do miss a day, but it’s rare.And the 30 minutes I do, I should also mention that’s the least amount of time I do it for.the most is 1 hour.So I guess I’m just looking for any opinion’s on this as far as if I’m doing everything correctly or if I should be doing something different perhaps?I do understand everything in regards to the circulation and the breaks and all of that because of my knowledge in pumping.But just curious on some response’s is all.Thank-you.

The way you are hanging VERY DANGEROUS! You can cause yourself a serious injury by hanging weights off your dick with a string.

Maybe looking into making a Captn’s Wench: The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

This sounds really dangerous - you need to do some reading and come up with a safer hanger and a better routine.

I can recomend the vacu-hanger. I just started using it and it is really confortable.

Pump Man:

I’m wondering if you can format your posts in Standard English, with spaces between sentences, and paragraphs. It would make them much easier to read, and you would probably get a better response. Many members have commented that they simply ignore run-on posts because they simply are too difficult to read.

I too am an “old-school” pumper that gained plenty of girth from pumping. I was starting to get into some of the more extreme pumping when I discovered Thunder’s Place five years ago, along with some of the more modern and cutting edge theories of PE. I certainly would not have considered hanging before I came here.

Anyway, as the other posters have pointed out, time marches on, and hanging has evolved pretty far beyond the old tie-a-shoelace-to-your-dick-and-let-'er-rip days of the twentieth century. One of the milestones of the past few years was the - Captn’s Wench, which is a much more safe and far more effective form of hanging than some of the old-school methods. Best of all, it can be made from materials you can get through one trip to your local building supply/hardware megastore for less than $20, and can be assembled in a couple of minutes with a pair of scissors as the only necessary tool.

Your set/weight format seems fine, but do try making yourself a hanger: I think you’ll find it a much more effective (and safer) PE tool.



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