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Question regarding necessity of days off

Question regarding necessity of days off

Hey Guys,

I’m finishing my second month of hanging after doing a year of manual stretching & jelqing. I’m trying to be sure to put in at least 10 hours each week, but it’s difficult for me to do that using only 5 or even 6 days. So my question is, if my wick feels up to it, is it okay to hang 7 days/week?

Thanks for any thoughts/input/advice

- Win

Opinions vary on that one, but lots of guys have and do hang 7 days per week. If you can fit the time in, have the motivation, and your unit is up for it I would say hang 7 days a week…even if you get 10 hours in the first 5 days. Basically take a rest day only if your dick is so beat it needs a rest.

Bib (who we all miss) was hanging nearly 24/7/365.

If you click on advanced search you can specify the hanging forum. Then do a search for “rest”, “rest days” etc. This will make searching much more managable.

Here are two short threads that address the question

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