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Question for Sunny.

Question for Sunny.

Hi Sunny,

I was reading the Thread from Big Gertha about his date with his Nurologist, and he mentioned you had given him advice on - Hot and Cold Packs, after a hanging session.
Reason being, that is all I am doing at the moment, hanging.
Can you shed some Sunshine on this please!


Gettin Bigger

I’ll try, how does that sound :)

Ok, heat is a vasodialtor, meaning it opens up the arteries allowing for more blood to enter the penis, it also warms up the tissues, skin, underlaying structures for more pilablility (english: stretchability). There by allowing for a better hang.

Now, cold does the opposite, it constricts the structures. Using a cold pack when the session is over with would help to keep the tissues in the enlongated position more or less.

I hope that shed some (sun) light on the subject. I’ll be glad to answer any question if I have the knowledge to do so.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Cheers Sunny,

Advice taken……..
Will try this…….


Gettin Bigger

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