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Question for Monkeybar and Any Other Vacuum Hanger Users

Question for Monkeybar and Any Other Vacuum Hanger Users

How the hell do you get the sleeve off your unit? I’ve got a conditioned tool and it hurts like hell rolling the sleeve up toward the vacuum cup. I really want to get into the IPS protocol using my VacuHanger, but this is discouraging.

Thanks in advance…fe

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I roll the sleeve up, I don’t use the hole at all.

Just be patient and go slow, it helps if you don’t use such a long sleeve, I cut my mine in halph, don’t have as far to roll up that way and it allows more stretch of the penis shaft.

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Release the vacuum pressure by rolling the sleeve off the hole from the top and just pull the thing of your cock. Works for me.

I also cut my sleeves in half. To remove, I fold the sleeve back onto the hanger, i.e., basically back to the same state it was in when I put it on.

I have MB’s hanger on order, but have experimented with homemade vacuum hangers. The index finger from a glove gave me a vacuum seal, but it was a bitch to get off. I am assuming that it was because it was way too tight of a fit. I’m hoping that MB’s silicone sleeves are a little easier to work with.

You’ll love it.

How long does shipping usually take? I ordered on Friday?

I received my vacu-hanger today! I’ve got it on. It took a little bit to figure how the best way to work it. I cut the big sleeve in half since it was grabbing so much hair. I took one of the small sleeves and cut about an Inch off of it. I put that on first just behind the head. I pull the skin out to make it a nice smooth fit on the shaft with no loose skin under it. I then put the hanger on with the bigger sleeve rolled up on it. I push my cock in as far as I can with the hole uncovered and the pull the sleeve off the hanger and onto my cock. I’m hanging 10lbs right now with no discomfort other than deep in my ligs where my shaft attached to my abdomen. This is fantastic! For the first time I can clearly feel my ligs being stretched. With my other hanger the discomfort was almost always where the hanger attached! Horray!


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