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Question for everyone who hangs OTS

Question for everyone who hangs OTS

1. Where do you feel fatigue?

2. Does it feel the same as btc,straight out, standing up?

3. Any gains exclusively from ots(sl, el ,bp, nbp)?

4. Does the glans hurt more after ots than other angles?

I have been hanging 20 - 22.5# 3 sets @ 20 min OTS exclusively for about a month. Feel fatigue at base of penis. Have not measured for size. No lig pull since OTS isolates them. I get the impression that length gains minimal but girth gains probable (especially at base). Have been doing dld’s while hanging which gives added pull. I get the total weight pull on the hanger since the method i use negates friction loss with standard OTS.


thanks for replying. What method do you use to negate the friction from ots? When you do the dld’s does your pc muscle get super fatigued and feel “stretched” also?

thanks again

hi monsta,

yes, when i do dld’s in ots position my pc muscle gets fatigued. i lie in bed with a 0.25” rope pulley with swivel eye base (home depot) over a ‘j’ bolt screwed into stud in wall behind the bed headboard (as low as possible so it just clears your head). I put an ‘s’ hook in 0.25” nylon rope that i engage in the ‘s’ hook on the regular Bib hanger, as well as a 0.5” dowel handle a foot or so past the ‘s’ hook. This lets me take 30 sec to ease the weight onto my penis while tightening the top screw on the Bib. DLD’s are a breeze with the handle to take weight off the penis and return weight at any rate desired (sometimes i drop the weight a few inches to give a real impact loading). The rope of course leads to the weights which in my case is an .025” dia x 8” long eye bolt with large washer on bottom and the eye squeezed in a vice so that standard 5#, 2.5# and 1.25# weights fit over it. Hope this helps. I think it will be especially effective for you since you are trying for larger base.

I feel the fatigue along the shaft from OTS hanging, mostly towards the base but its still sore up to midshaft.
If you have made a lot of gains, say, over an inch from BTC or just straight down sat in a chair, OTS is the way to go I feel, I dont believe that much more than an inch can be gained from lig stretching, and after that most if not all the gains come from tunica stretching, which is what OTS isolates.


hey thats a great idea for hanging lying down, good for lazy people like myself. Thats probably how i will do it when I get to that stage.

Good Luck

Again thank you all for your replies. Bud_do, i am doing ots not to gain girth at the base but to pull out my “inner penis”. I feel fatigue and soreness all the way from the edge of my butthole to about 1 inch up the shaft. With dld blasters, the soreness is intensified. I also feel it in my pubic area but i can’t distinguish if its ontop of the pubic bone (groin muscle) or under it. I do 2 sets of 20 min ots then one set straightdown or btc. When i do get to the last set of straightdown or btc, I feel it way more then i did when i did straight btc.

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