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Hi , good morning !
I have a little problem since a while . Since some time I use a new chair for my hanging which allows the weight to hang free and not to touch the chair , which gives more stretch.
I have the same weight like before . Now : the first 3 sets are okay ., but then I ca´t hang any more like before . , because it aches . But it is definitely not the inner penis or ligs , it is just the skin from the upside of my penis ! This is horrible , because I am not fatigued , but can` hang any more with this intensity !
What should I do ? Take less weight ? But then I fear this is bad for my progress , because the inner penis and ligs still could hang more !
Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice sunday wantmore

Ps. Ijust like the beaver !

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !


I will try to help, but a few questions are necessary.

What hanger are you using?

What material are you wrapping with and how?

What do you believe is causing the pain and where is it? IOW is it in the area under than hanger from the hanger digging in or maybe the pressure from tightening and gripping, or is it the skin on the shaft above the hanger between the hanger and the head?

If it is the skin between the hanger and the head, is that area wrapped or not? If you have material above the hanger it can bunch up and act as a noose type hanger which is one possible problem that can be avoided by only wrapping to the place where the hanger attaches.

If you give more info then we might be able to help.


Dear Dance !

First of all , thanks a lot !

I use the bib starter , now since about the beginning of the year . I wrap with “mull ” ( you use it in medicine for fixing compressions , it is cotton , thin and elastic , I don`t know the english expression . ) Over it silver Theraband .It can´t be the wrapping technique I think , because I didn`t change it . The skin , which aches and feels sore is the part grabbed from the hanger : I t must come from the higher stretch from my better posotion . What just maKES ME WONDER IDS THAT I think , zhat not the ligs and so are fatigued , just the skin ( as far as I feel so ) . O is it not the skin , but real fatiguing and I just think it is the skin ( because sometimes it is not so easy to locate it so clearly ) . I just don`t know !

See you wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

Your welcome,

I hope we can help. So at least we have determined that it is the skin under the hanger which is giving you problems.

So you have changed positions and now it is more irritated? Did you switch to a BTC or what?

Wantmore, don’t be offended, but your English is very difficult to decifer. I believe what you are saying is that that you are not totally sure it is the skin or fatiguing of the ligs. Do you feel it in the base and inside your body as well?

Have you tried different positions of toe in and toe out? Perhaps an adjustment would move the stress more to the base than the area under the hanger. My best guess to do this would be toeing out (making a bigger gap in the front part of the hanger) more would help, but unsure.

Also you might be surprized that you don’t have to make it very tight. Another option is to adjust the position of the hanger. Many minor adjustment can make a big difference. Make one at a time and see how it goes. If not that then perhaps it is the wrap, but you seem to believe that is not it.

At this point it is trouble shooting or conjecture on my part. Perhaps Bib or others can offer some advice.


Dear Dance !

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my english ! :)

I fgured something out which helped good yesterday : hot wrap after each set !

And warm ligs stretch better , I think !

All the best wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

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