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Question About Bib Hanger Tightness

Question About Bib Hanger Tightness

The bib forums are down right now, so I thought I’d post this here.

In the product guide on Bib’s website it says:
“The hanger should be tight enough to avoid slippage. As noted before, when tightened correctly, the gap on top should be equal to or slightly less than the gap on the bottom.”

Is this referring to the gap between the teeth, or the gap between the wells? I have mine adjusted so that the gap between the wells is the same at the top and bottom, but this leaves the gap between the teeth much larger on the bottom than on the top.

This may help.

You want to have the shaft seated well down towards the bottom of the hanger when attaching. When you tighten it all the way, the top teeth should mesh completely and you should feel a nice secure grip. It should actually be so tight that it’s uncomfortable before you put on the weight. When you attach the weight, the discomfort should go away. After about 5 minutes into the set, you’ll notice that the hanger has actually lost tightness, so go ahead and tighten it again until you feel discomfort.

You need to get used to that crushing sensation and an extremely tight hanger because once you start hanging high weights, the slightest error in attachment is going to cause unnecessary pain and possibly injury.

Try moving both of the bottom nuts (of the hanger) out a little bit, without changing the toe-in/toe-out orientation, and see if you can make the top teeth mesh together.


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I think what lostracco is saying is uncomfortable, but not painful. Pain is bad.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

Originally Posted by legolas
I think what lostracco is saying is uncomfortable, but not painful. Pain is bad.

Make sure you read through the instructions a few times. You only have one penis, be sure not to break it. ;)

Basically, you need to learn to set up the hanger so it doesn’t slip. Personally, I’m not worried If the teeth don’t perfectly mesh at the top, although this is where this should happen. As your girth increases, or if you change the thickness of your wrap, it wont be possible to force both the top & bottom teeth to mesh.

The best measure of tightness//hanger settings is simple—does the hanger slip? Allowing the hanger to slip can really cause injury. Whether you use toe-in or toe-out, the idea is to get good pressure along the shaft where the hanger attaches. You don’t want the hanger to pinch too much at the top or bottom—it’s better if the pressure is distributed along the shaft.

For me, the first few weeks of hanging was a lot of playing with hanger settings, getting things just right. As my tissues adapted I found I could make the hanger tighter & tighter, yet blood could still flow (because my vascularity improved), and things actually felt more comfortable, even at higher weight because the tissues got tougher.

Anyway, you’ll find as you increase weight, you will need to make the hanger tighter & tighter. This is one major reason why you need to increase weight slowly (week to week) as you hang. The attachment point stress must continually increase, as you continually increase the weight. For me, (for example) I was shocked to see that from 5-6 lbs I had to make the hanger substantially tighter. Sometimes just a 1lb increase can make a big difference.

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