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Question about AFB Hanger...

Question about AFB Hanger...

Ok, I’m really looking foward to making this cheap AFB hanger (probaly Piet’s version) since I can’t afford a Bib hanger yet. I recently think I’ve plateaued on the manual stretching and jelqing. Jelqing is just giving me a little girth over time it seems and manual stretching doesn’t seem to stress my ligs as much anymore, at many angles. So I just wanted to ask has anyone who used the AFB or anyone who knows someone from here who has, have they or you guys that have used the AFB made any gains with any version of the AFB hanger? I think I will try it anyways just to practice wrapping and get ready for a Bib hanger someday, but until then this is what I’m stuck with…

As long as the hanger you build is comfortable when using the amount of weight you need to gain, you can compare it with any hanger that has got anyone gains. So make sure you build a quality hanger - test it for a while at different weights and angles, get a feel for it, change thing you feel you need to, you might take a few attempts before you make one you can go ‘live’ with - and check out some threads about hanging gains in general, they pop up every now and again and there was one recently here.

Thank you very much, SS4Jelq. I know you know what you are talking about because I read your post about your long time with PE (It was actually pretty funny) and how you stuck with it and finnaly with BiB’s help I think I remember got your great gains. Good job man, thanks again for answering my question. Your post makes perfect sence to me. :)

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No problem sir, best of luck and keep us posted. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions, I’ll keep an eye out for your posts.

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