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Pumping, and comparison of forces

Pumping, and comparison of forces

PEforfun stated different tubes had certain forces at full pressure, smaller tubes having up to 20 pounds of force pressing into your pubic bone, larger tubes up to 50 pounds of force, is this in anyway comparable to the forces of hanging? Say I do a set of 5HG in a 1.75diameter tube, equivalent to maybe 5 pounds for 30 minutes, is that equivalent in any way to the forces of hanging 5 pounds for 30 minutes? Are the targeted structures different?

I don’t think there is any way to know what the pulling force is on your penis under pressure, but the force acting on your penis is equal over the entire surface.

The force of a small tube vs a large tube pressing into your body is a function of the vacuum acting over a larger surface area on the large tube, thus creating a larger force pressing it into your pubic bone when the internal pressure of each tube is the same. So even though the large tube is pressed to your body tighter, both tubes are pulling on your penis equally.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

gotcha, so there is no real way to know the pulling force of pounds pumping exerts?

I think most of the lateral force of hanging is the tube pushing into the pelvis.

Very little of the Pulling force is on the internal structures of the penis.

The “pulling force” of a pneumatic or hydraulic vacuum is a multiply of te surface and the pressure difference between the medium surface (the penis skin) and the surrounding vacuum. So if you know exactly the surface of your penis affected by the vacuum you can well calculate it.

But as the direction of the force is not axial as in hangig, even in tightly packed tubes you will always have some lateral extension of the penis. Therefore, comparing to hanging seems futile to my opinion as the methods really are not compareable.

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Yeah the long and the short of it is, hanging works for length, pumping not so much.

It’s more about targeting the right tissues for length targeting the ligs septum and eventually tunica, girth is really just tunica

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