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Pull in Lower Abdomen


Pull in Lower Abdomen

Hey Bib, Dance, Thunder and hanging pros I have a question. Seeing that Dance has guided me along the path to hanging correctly I have a question. Last night I hung for three sets.
1st=20 minutes 12.5lbs
2nd=15 minutes 12.5lbs
3rd=14 minutes 12.5lbs

Well the first set went well. The second set, the whole set, I felt a pull in my lower abdomen. It was a pull I’ve never felt before. As a matter of fact I didn’t feel the pull on my penis anymore because the pull from the lower abs was so prevelant. The third set I didn’t feel it pulling there anymore but I stopped short of my 20 minute goal because I felt a pain and didn’t want to take any chances of continuing. I believe I know what the problem is though. Well my first question is, has anybody felt that tug on the lower abs? If so is that what I’m supposed to be feeling? Is that where my ligs are at? Also the reason I believe I felt that pain is because since I made the homemade version of the bib hanger it’s not exactly smooth at the edges. Is there a way I can smooth it out? Like what kind of sanding paper if any do I buy? Anyway that’s it. Thanks for the help in advance as my quest to get gains continues. Oh one more question. Realisticly speaking is there any chance that I might be able to see some noticeable gains by Christmas with this routine?


I answered this earlier, and then got kicked off. I just saw that my fing post did not make it.

>The second set, the whole set, I felt a pull in my lower abdomen. It was a pull I’ve never felt before. <

Yes, myself and many others have reported the pull in the abs. Try and do crunches while hanging. Wicked.

>If so is that what I’m supposed to be feeling? <

Just one of the things that may be felt. Depends on the angle of hang. I assume you are BTC. The ab pull is normal BTC. Straight out should not affect the abs.

>Is that where my ligs are at? <

No, the ligs are connected to the pubic bone.

>Also the reason I believe I felt that pain is because since I made the homemade version of the bib hanger it’s not exactly smooth at the edges. Is there a way I can smooth it out? Like what kind of sanding paper if any do I buy?<

What is your hanger made from? If it is the flexible PVC tubing, you can do it with an exacto knife.

>Realisticly speaking is there any chance that I might be able to see some noticeable gains by Christmas with this routine? <



So now is this pain new because you switched positions from the standing to sitting like I suggested or is it from standing? Yes The discomfort in the abs is normal. Sort of scared me at first as well as others.

As to the hanger question, I don’t see how you connect the smoothing out of the hanger to the ab pain. If you feel pain from rough edges then it should be hurting you in your penis so maybe you can carify that more. An exacto knife will do the trick but also look again at the drawings because many people bevel the edges opposite from the drawings.


To Bib and Dance

Answers to Bib’s.

I assume you are BTC

No, I’m sitting down.

What is your hanger made from?

I don’t think it’s flexable PVC piping. I bought the fittings for the PVC piping. Thought wrong but it works. The only thing is that it has jagged edges and I want to smooth them out which I will try with a blade.

Answers to Dance.

If you feel pain from rough edges then it should be hurting you in your penis so maybe you can carify that more.

Well like I said in my reply to Bib the edges are jagged. I’m using the modified hanger. Now the outershell is fine but the inner where I had to shorten it, well those edges are jagged. But I fixed that problem temporarily. I just wrapped a littled lower and brought the hanger down a little more. The pain by the way was where the jagged edges were. Not in the abs.

Now I have questions that both of you can answer.

1. Last night I tried to hang 15lbs. and succeeded in doing two sets of 15 minutes each. I guess my question is should I continue with that weight or should I drop back down to 12.5lbs?

2. Lately I haven’t been noticing an erection in the morning time. Is that normal while hanging like I am? Should I try and increase the amounts of kegals I do? (By the way I don’t know how many I’m doing because I do them whenever I think about it while at work)

Thanks for the help.

So you are feeling pain from the inside piece? Is it a pinching? Is it on the underside of the penis? Several solutions come to mind but more info is needed. First make sure there is a gap in the inside piece. Perhaps you need to make more of a gap if it is pinching. Also, like I said, look again at the diagram and make sure you are beveling it the correct way. Many people, myself included beveled the wrong way. At first it seems like it should be the other way so double check the picture and make sure. So if you still feel pain say where it is and be more specific about what type of pain and maybe we can help. If it was just jagged edges, and you fix that then great.

Why do you ask about lowing the weight? Because of discomfort? I think that if you can hang the weight then do it. If not then lower the weight. What happened to 20 minutes? During that time if it hurts then lower the weight.

Yes there are times that your erection will not be as strong as others based on how hard you work it. If you want to do kegels then go for it. It seems to help many guys. I personally don’t do very many of them. At one time I did but it sort of fell by the wayside. I should probably resume some.


I don’t feel the pain anymore. It was a pinching feeling. The reason I asked about the 15lbs is because I didn’t want to move up too fast. I’m comfortable with it. I went 15 minutes because again I want to be cautious about my time spent, weight, and amount of pressure applied to my penis. Though I want to grow in size most importantly I want to be able to use what I have gained otherwise all will be in vain. So that’s why I asked about the weight. I’ll try 20 minutes today and see how I feel. I just wanted to be safe yesterday. One question does it matter where you position the hanger? I have to have it closer to the base otherwise while hanging the hanger will put pressure on my head and cause a discomfort. Thanks Dance for the help. I’m remotivated because I feel that I’m definitely going to start seeing some results. The reason being is that I’m experiencing some of the same things you and Bib have as well as others and all of you have gotten gains. So I know I’m on the right track.

Well if you are comfortable with it then keep going and if not lower the weight. I am surprized you are moving up so fast. When I was using the modified bib I could not go above 12 pounds simply because the hanger would slip unless I tightened it so much that it became very uncomfortable in the area it clamped down.

Yes you need to keep it away from the head. I do remember that the close to the body the more I could hang but it was a little different in the feeling (hard to explain). Not totally all the way to the base though. I don’t know the size of your flaccid penis, but one thing you can do (I had to do this) is cut down the size from the suggested length on the site. I am not all that big so I had to make it a little smaller which helped. The size of my hanger was 2.75 from the base to the longest part.

You said you were under time restraints and that was another reason I said increase time to 20 minutes. With the modified hanger it takes time to wrap, adjust etc., and was a real hassle. With the new bib it takes only seconds. Also, there will be times that it is uncomfortable and you need to take it off and re-adjust etc., so once you find a good setting it is better to stick with it the 20 minutes as opposed to taking all the time to put it on, adjust etc.


I feel the pull in my abs too. I consider it a good thing.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hey thanks for the help and motivation Dance.

Major Pulling

Hey Bib and Dance,

Last night, while hanging, I got up out of my seat and I felt a pull on my ligs like never before. Come to think of it I’ve never really felt a pull on my ligs except when I stand or lean over and hang which I haven’t been doing since Dance suggested sitting and doing it. Anyway it didn’t hurt but it kind of caught be surprise because I not only felt the pull on my penis but also inside my body where I’m assuming my ligs are located. My question is this: Do you recommend getting in a squat like position for say like 5 minutes in order to get that extra stretch on the ligs? Also do you think it’s worth the effort of doing it that way? Meaning do you think that it might bring some good results by doing that? I think I’m past the skin stretching part seeing that I don’t see any stretch marks any more. I know it varies from man to man but if I can feel that stretch and hopefully that’s what I’m supposed to be feeling then why not do it. Look forward to hearing from you with answers to my questions. If I don’t get back with you before Thanksgiving or if I don’t hear from you before Thanksgiving may God bless your time with you loved ones this holiday. I’m going out of town so that’s going to put a damper in my program which is okay because for me though PE is important spending that time with my family is even more important. God Bless and be safe.

I never tried that. I stayed in the chair. I don’t imagine it would be better than that but never tried it. I know it would be pretty damn tiring for your legs though. I save my energy for when I am doing squats.


Bib/Dance or anybody else
I also get the same pull in my lower abs. In addition I feel a strong streach starting on the right side of my groin area and stopping just under my right butt cheek. Wierd huh.Is this normal? this started when I moved up in weight to 7 lbs. I have only been hanging for 3 week now. I started with 2-1/2 lbs and have now gone up to 7 lbs. I am hanging with a modified home made Bib and usually do 4 sets of 20 min 4 days a week and hang straight down while sitting on a desk. What I fell is more evident while standing. It’s not a pain that stops me from hanging. My main question here is, Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Thanking you in advance

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I felt many different kinds of ‘strange’ stretches when I was hanging. I don’t believe I ever felt anything like you described. Just make sure there is not any pain. If there is, stop.

What angle are you hanging at to get this stretch? You said straight down. Is this BTC or the angle as if you were standing?



This wierd stretch is when standing, hanging straight down BTC.

It’s not pain that I feel just a strong pull or stretch. Now I did notice today that it was not as pronounced as it has been, not really sure why. What I did notice however is that If I’m hanging as descdibed above and I take my penis and place it off to the left side of my testicals then the pull is not as much and I feel a different type of stretch along the shaft. Another question I had was, Is it ok to do a set then wait 1 - 2 hrs before going on to another set? I ask this because of privacy issues, I do my hanging at work in my office.

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