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Problems with hanging SO

Problems with hanging SO

I typically hang all my sets BTC, but recently I have been experimenting with SO hanging. I use a wench, and I notice that even after only 10 minutes, I get weird bruising on the underside of my penis where the cable clamp is attached. This has never happened when I hang BTC. I realize one solution is just hang BTC, but I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on my problem.


Are you pulling the skin on your shaft back toward your body before securing the wench on your penis and hanging? I’ve never used a wench, so I’m not really familiar with how things go with it.

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I have only started hanging, so I don’t know if I will be of any use, but here goes anyway.
All my hanging thus far has been SO with the wench with only light weight so far (5 lbs). I find it very comfortable (I’m hanging right now!) and have no problems.
However, In Australia, I can’t seem to find the clamps you guys use so I had to improvise. I use a cut down handi-clamp (By Irwin). Rather than using it as Piratesteve illustrated in the alternatives thread, I have cut the gripping “pads” off the clamp as well as about 1/8 of an inch behind that and my shaft is now clamped by the inner edge of the “arms” of the clamp, making for an oval shaped clamping motion as required.
This way I have a clamp that clamps both side of my shaft just as the clamps you guys use does. The only difference is that because it is not hinged at the bottom like the cable clamps, there is clear space both underneath and on top of my shaft. Maybe this makes all the difference? I guess it would because I have zero pressure underneath from the clamp. Maybe you could try a handi-clamp?

Kog- Yes I am pulling my skin back. I am able to comfortably hang 10lbs btc.

Andrew- Maybe the clamp type does make a difference, but as I stated in my previous thread, I have no problems hanging btc.

Thanks for the replies guys.


From the very brief try I have had hanging BTC, I felt it far more along the top of my cock and the ligs.
When I hang SO, I feel it more evenly through my cock, rather than just along the top.
Thats why I was thinking that due to the shape of your dick and the clamp, maybe there is just enough contact when hanging SO to make it painful.
As I said in my previous post, the clamp I use gives me totally free space on top and underneath my member giving me enough clearance so that when I hang SO, the is no contact between the clamp/wench and my dick.
I hope that makes sense!

Thanks Andrew, maybe I will try a different type of clamp.

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