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Problems, problems

Problems, problems

Hi guys,

I think that almost everything has been already mentioned on this board. And I am sure that I can find quite a lot information here - concerning PE (hanging). But as I do not have a permanent fast internet connection I do not have the time to read everything.
So I want to turn to you with this new thread to help me with my “small” problem.

First: I am uncut and I’ve been hanging since the middle of february. That means I have already a 5 month experience in this field. Subtracting all the rest days that I took, I can say that I’ve been hanging for about three to four months, normally 2 hours a day.
Up to now I gained, let’s say about 1/5 inch. Not quite much but I hope to add some more 1/5 inches. 7 or 7.5” is my goal.
Is this strange, but I only can see the length gain in the erect status. Flaccid? Negative!

Intermission: In the flaccid status my dick is around 3”-3.5” long. In the erect about 6.5 inches. The erect status is not too disappointing but the flaccid.

Second: I have a horrible wrapping problem. But before, I have to describe my weight-wrap-stretch problem. Normally, I hang around 15 lbs (+- 2 lbs). And that’s the problem ‘cause I want to hang more. Around 20 lbs. But I can not stand this amount of weight.
Why do I want to hang more weight? - When I resume hanging after a longer rest time of about 5 days - normally I do a rest for about one or two days after 10 days - I see that my dick or my ligaments or whatever is easier stretched. Means I can see that my dick looks longer when stretched with 15 lbs. After a couple of days I feel and see that this is not longer the case. The whole dick with the same weight looks shorter or let’s say less stretched with the 15 lbs weight fixed. Is this this frequently mentioned fiber thing?

Why can I not hang more weight? - It’s this wrapping story. Usually I use a “soft” piece of cloth - not very long, just to avoid the Thereaband directly wrapped on the skin of my penis - then silver Thereaband and once again a piece of cloth. All compressed in Bib’s Hanger.
Even with 15 lbs, a hang set can not sometimes last longer than 10 min ‘cause my skin turns red and hurts very much. Also, the skin under the wrapped stuff is “folded”. So it’s ablolutely not possible for me to fix more weight.

What kind of wrapping material do you use and how do you wrap? - Please enlight me. Need suggestions.

Ok. That’s all. Thanks a lot and bye.


Hey Miggelodeon,

Check this thread for info on wrapping:


It sounds to me like you are using too much wrap and the hanger is sliding and irritating your skin. I would concentrate on getting the wrapping correct before attempting to move up in weight. Tighten up the hanger again after you have applied your weight, that may also help.

Also, probably a good idea to reread the product guide on Bib’s site.

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Hi Miggelodeon!

I agree with Thunder here, you’re definately wrapping with too much stuff! I’m uncut too, so I can probably be of some help. I’ll explain my wrapping procedures to you, because they’re a bit different than what Bib sugested on the thread Thunder linked. Before wrapping I pull my dick out, like if you were manual stretching. Don’t pull the foreskin back though. With the other hand I wrap (I use the silver Theraband 15”x1.5”)starting from the base until I reach the point right behind the glans. The first “spiral” of wrap I do a little tighter, then I start to loosen the grip with every “spiral” of wrap (and by spiral I mean the piece of wrap that covers one turn from the base to the head or vice versa). This is just what I do. I then attach the hanger and it’s done!

Though I haven’t been able to hang much time due to time constraints, and not much weight (I can’t find anything at home that weighs ~16lbs), I’ve been able to hang “confortably” (as much as possible when you have a weight hanging from your dick) with 13,2 lbs for some sessions. I should really up the weight because the “soreness” or fatigue is no longer there but no time or privacy for more sessions yet.

As for the flaccid hang, you have to wait longer. I know that there are some new guys that are making excelent gains, but I wasn’t one of them at least. I only started to notice a better flaccid hang recently, when I started to do my “biker wrap”. I’ve been able to grow about .6” in length with this in about 4 months.

Well, try our suggestions just to see what works best for you. Keep in mind Thunder’s wise words, you must first develop a good wrap, before you start hanging some good weights. The more confortable you can hang, the more sessions you’ll do, and the better the results will be.

Well, hope this long post helped somehow!



Hey Miggelodeon!

Flaccid gains can sneak up on you - they may not be evident immediately. Some guys get them very quickly, often simply as a result of increased circulation and a reversal of atrophy. But sometimes these flaccid gains can disappear just as quickly as they came when the routine is stopped. If you are experiencing erect gains then there is a better chance that flaccid gains will follow and stick. Don’t be too concerned about it - I’ve read many reports of guys who made very little progress in the way of flaccid gains and then suddenly it all happened overnight a little further down the track. This is not uncommon - persist!

The ISPS (Incredible Shrinking Penis Syndrome) may have something to do with the body’s mechanism for healing. Think about it …. you’ve spent 10 days inducing micro-tears in the tissue of the penis through hanging. During this time the body is trying to repair it. Associated with this there will often be a small amount of swelling (often misread as flaccid growth) and sometimes a little soreness. This usually lasts about a day or so, depending on the individual and the level of damage. To heal these mocro-tears the in quickest possible time, after much of the initial swelling has subsided, the body contracts the penis as a knee-jerk response to the trauma. What this contraction in fact does is that it brings the edges of the micro-tears closer together so that the body needs to use less resources to heal which will make the job quicker - it’s the body’s way of stitching a wound.

I agree with both Thunder and UIShrike that your hanging problem appears to be based on technique. From your description it seems that the skin, rather than the internal structures of the penis, is taking much of the stress. While stretching the skin is an essential and integral facet of growth, skin stretching alone will not provide it. Try what the other’s have suggested (at lower weights first) and I would also consider tightening and adjusting your hanger to provide a more comfortable and secure attachment - it can be quite tight! Also try keeping the penis outstretched when attaching and tightening the hanger (this may help with the skin folds at the attachment point) and remember to force as much blood as possible from the head before tightening. Keep an eye on the state of the glans during your sets checking the temperature, color and sensitivity at regular intervals.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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as lil12big1 mentioned I should keep you informed concerning my hanging affaires, I’m gonna do so now.

Well, first I want to say that I think I had a wrapping problem and I think I still do haveit.
As I mentioned above, I wrap a “soft” piece of cloth first - but what is soft? Can anybody advise me a soft piece of cloth, please? And what’s Ace band? Sorry, but I am from Germanland and don’t know what this exactly is. - then the Thereaband and then another piece of cloth to get a good “swelling” around my dick. Then I tighten the hanger. To hang more than 15 lbs you have to tighten a good bit more than with let’s say 10 lbs or less. And that’s the problem. I want to hang more than 20 lbs. So I have to tighten and tighten. But this causes pain. Pain concerning skin irritation (red). After several days of continous hanging the skin drys and falls off. I don’t get this away.
Slipping is no longer a problem when you do a good wrap and tighten the hanger properly.
But sometimes I do wonder why some of you guys who hang around 20 lbs do not claim about skin irritation problems. Am I the only one having such a sensitive skin? Anybody who had the same experiences and solved it?
A couple of weeks ago I was able to hang 22 lbs for about 2X15 min/a day for 2 or 3 days. With this amount of weight I really did feel the stretch and I did feel the “famous” soreness. But I could not bear it because of the skin.

With the 4 months(=real hang time without rest days) I am in hanging now, I sometimes think that the time I devoted to hanging (2 h per day, around 12-17 lbs, ~240 h complete hang time) was all in vain. - Gains so far: Around 1/5 inch or not, don’t know. Depends on my mood. -

During this 4 month period…
…maybe I did it wrong and stretched to much of the skin or only the skin? Certainly this was a factor.
Second: Most of the time I hang around 12 to 14 lbs. Maybe this was too less weight.
The rest days: Maybe this is the key? How do I know when I need one, two or three days off?
Third:As I have already said above when I sometimes took off 5 days and then resumed hanging I saw, or perhaps this was just an impression, that my dick was longer when I pulled “him” out in order to wrap my cloth and Thereaband around it. Also, I saw this when I fixed the weight and let it hang straight down.

Question: I hang for let’s say 7 days. Then right after the hang session of the 7th day I sometimes masturbate. After a few days (~4) I masturbate again. Guess which results I get when measuring on both days: After the rest period, my dick - or maybe this is just an euphoric measurement error - is around 1/5 inch longer. And, when I masturbate after a hang session I never really become fully errect. This means that therfore “he” looks and is smaller. Is this normal?

By the way, ThunderSS the link (wrapping) you posted above doesn’t work.

On the “Bib hanger feedback” posts, I read that Bib said that he had sold around 300 hangers (september 2001) but less than 1/4 of the hanger users reported their impressions, experiences, stories or whatever.
Well, I think that you tend to “shout out” your HAPPY experiences more easily than your BAD or not so successful stroies. That’s what I think about this.

Currently, I am in a real bad mood.


Did you try wrapping with less stuff? I can’t understand how you can even close the hanger with that much wrap. I only use the 15” x 2” strip of theraband, and sometimes it’s difficult to close the hanger tightly, specially in the 2nd and 3rd sets, when the penis is a little more swollen. Try wrapping like we advised you to, with only the theraband, or with a thin strip of sweat-shirt material. This is probably enough.

The ace bandage mentioned is the elastic tissue kind of band that is used when you for instance sprain your ankle, or your wrist, and than you wrap it. It come in rolls of I think 20-30” x 2”. It’s sold in pharmacys and sports equipment stores. Many atheletes use it to wrap the ankles. I don’t use it for hanging since I have theraband that is much superior in quality.

Regarding the masturbation issue, this has been much debated here and in other forums. There are tastes and defenders of every position regarding this. I personally never masturbate (with ejaculation) after a PE session because the organism has to work overtime to rebuild the “damaged tissues” caused by the exercise, and I don’t need to tax it even further to produce more sperm and all the hormone unbalance that happens after ejaculation. But if you masturbate without ejaculating, then this I believe is very helpfull, because for once it trains your ejaculatory delay time frame, and it also makes your dick look much bigger during the rest of the day (whereas if you don’t do it, you end up with a smaller dick - the organism shrivels the dick so he can build it better; a little simplistic explanation, but sufices for this example).

Bottom line, try hanging only with the theraband, or if you feel that that’s too little, use a small strip of sweat-shirt material just to cushion the skin, and then the theraband on top of that. Then see the diference.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and don’t get discouraged. This is a learning experience. Keep in mind that you’re ahead of milions of guys, since you know what to do, and you’re trying to do it, and learning along the way, in the process of making your dick bigger and better.




Try the baby sock wrap. Take a baby sock (or two) and cut the toe out. Slide the baby sock over your buddy, making sure to cover as much of the shaft as possible. Wrap with the theraband, making sure that it is farly tight (but not painful). Try this, before I switched to the sock- I used t-shirt material. I always ended up with a skin irritation, and it was a real pain in the ass to get a comfy wrap. I think the key to comfort in hanging is the wrap, of course you need a good device. But you have the best already. Stay with it, try less weight and more sets. Make sure you pump up between set’s. You have to get that circulation going again after stretchin your good’s out.

I myself, use the powerjelk device between sets. I hang for 20 min. then completely unwrap. Then do some halfass horse squeze’s to get the blood back into the dick. Then fifty 3 second pulls on the PJ device, making sure to engorge the whole unit. Then I wrap back up, and do it all over again. I’m only hanging 10 lb. and I alternate between BTC and straight out with a pulley setup under the desk. When hanging straight out, I use an office chair that turns and tilts. During my 20 min. set I turn and tilt in every direction, making sure to keep tension on the dick at all times.

Don’t get discouraged, at least your’e doing. Like many have said it may take more time. Maybe just trying a few different technique’s and getting your wrap down solidly, you may find that progress will come a bit easier. Hope this help’s-Tryn

"If you build it, they will come".

Mig, are you using the Original or Jr Bib hanger? I started with the Jr but switched to the Original at 12.5# due to uncomfortable hang. The Original solved the problem and I normally hung 22.5# 5@20 minute sets with comfort. The Jr has 1.5” contact whereas the Original has 2.5” contact length which is quite a lot more to grip the internal structure of the penis. This lessens the share of force the glans must take.


This thread was from a while back. I believe and hope Migs problems are solved. Maybe he will chime in.


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