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Private Hanger

Private Hanger

Hey guy,

I really hate being the one asking ridiculous questions…but here I am. So I finally decided I need to hang. I’ve tried to do a lot of research, and it really does seem like the best thing for me right now. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good starting homemade hanger. I am planning on buying parts for a hanger tomorrow (today). So I need a good starting hanger that isn’t terribly hard to make and that also doesn’t exactly look like I’ll be strapping it to my dick. I’m a college student so it can’t be too conspicuous. If you have any suggestions, that would be great.

Thanks, (sorry for coming across as needy and clueless, it’s after 4 am and I’m still drunk)

Or a CCH3.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Joe, what made you finally decide you “need” to hang? Have you been doing some other routine and over time your gains have diminished? This is not a facetious question, I am seriously interested.

As far as hangers, I can vouch for the Capn Wench mentioned by Ram, I have made two and used it for hanging (briefly) and regularly as an ADS.

I highly recommend the wench as an easy to make, affordable, hanger/ads. However, I am still curious as to your routine, have you exhausted beginner routines, conditioned yourself, experienced ‘newbie gains’ etc?

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Thanks guys. My gains haven’t diminished. I’m currently gaining between 1/10th to 1/8th inch each month. It hasn’t been too fast, but it’s been very consistent. I’ve been doing the same ole’ newbie routine for all this time. The issue arises this upcoming semester that I will no longer have time to PE. My schedule will become uncomfortably difficult. I thought I would take up hanging to give myself time to do work at the same time as I PE. Currently I’m spending around an hour a day with my hands, and I just feel like I can get more accomplished both ways if I decide to hang.

The wench looked very good to me and easy to make, except it seemed like it’s users preferred using it for ADS or manual stretching rather than hanging, though I could be very wrong. Do you think that the wench would make for a good first hanger (to be used extensively for hanging)?

Joe, the Wench is a legitimate, bona-fide, reliable hanger. Cap’s design uses lateral compression, which makes it a safe device to clamp on your penis for up to 20 minutes.

Just like the Bib Hanger, with proper wrapping and adequate tightening, the Wench is a good hanger.

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Alright Ramrod, thanks. That’s what I thought, I was just double checking. In fact, I just went out and bought all the parts a few hours ago. :)

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