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Reviving this old thread. Anyone still using a silicone cap for hanging with vac style hangers? If so, any tips?

I’m starting up again with using a silicone cap for mine. I was able to get up to about 25lbs with my LG hanger and just wrapping and tape, but I did get a blister occasionally. I then switched to a Bib hanger and got to 40lbs before blood ended up shooting out the tip. I made .. Some mistakes. Haha!

I deconditioned for about a year and a half and just got finished focusing on my beginner manual stretching again and now starting low weight hanging and planning on doing some ADS which I didn’t do last time. I just stumbled upon the idea of using a silicone protector cap and now using baby powder to prevent fluid buildup; so, I’m gonna do both along with using microfoam tape on the end. I’ve already noticed an improvement from last time in comfort but I’m only hanging at 3bls 4hrs a day at the moment while using a powered IR heating wrap at the same time (because heat is better).

The cap makes sense since it should provide a bit more pressure on the glans to prevent fluid buildup plus the powder inside the cap absorbing the fluid as well. It can’t be worse! Honestly though, I wouldn’t do this without the tape on the tip. It’s not a big deal and I’ve never had issues with it.