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Positiong of balls when hanging BTC?

Positiong of balls when hanging BTC?

Hi Everyone,
I tried finding the answer to this question elsewhere on the forums. Try as I might though I couldn’t find it. Forgive me if it’s covered extensively in another thread.

I just got my bib hanger a few weeks ago and recently started hanging. I’m doing only BTC right now and was wondering where most of you place your testicles? On either side of the penis, or moving both to one side? I’m not getting pain or anything when I leave them on either side, but sometimes I get paranoid that I’m cutting off circulation to at least one of them. Sometimes it seems like my shaft rests on one as well.

Any hints on what position you find most comfortable?

Thanks for contributing to such a wonderful forum and thanks for any reply.



First off, I once saw your namesake in concert. One of the defining moments that shaped my musical tastes.

Second, try alternating your testes to either side each set. You know, one set to the left, one set to the right. If you’re afraid you’re cutting off circulation then keep a close eye on your junk. It’s your body. You have to listen to it.

Also, there are a bunch of threads out there on ball stretching…I think in the hangers’ forum. Bbs and Bib have a discussion in there about stretching the sack daily (grab firmly around the base and pull straight down) until there was enough room to wrap thera. After stretching for 90 days you’ll have lots of free room to let ‘em swing while you hang. Cheers.

One off my biggest piss offs with my hanging has been that my balls can get trapped in the way. I don’t have any answers why. I have tried to position left, right and in the middle and heaps of times I just cant get it right.

But some times I get my balls in perfect position for BTC hang and I have no problems.

Sorry I cant give anymore info at this stage in my hanging career.



I always split them down the middle.


Where ever they don’t get squished. In cold weather I alternate side to side. In the summer I did the same as Bib.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have recently been reading threads on stretching scrotal skin to help avoid ‘turkey neck’. Since doing some ball pulling the last week, I think the skin is a bit looser.

This has now allowed me to hand more comfortably BTC. What I do is attach the weights to the hanger then encircle between the balls and base with an OK grip and pull down gently and to the side of choice. I then let the weight down and do my set repositioning the balls to the other side at the halfway (10 min.) point.

Would be interested in more feedback on this topic.


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