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position when hanging

position when hanging

how and where do you guys sit/ stand when hanging??

Originally Posted by Nissen
how and where do you guys sit/ stand when hanging??

In bed, most of the time. I have a pulley system that I use when laying in bed. I have a little pulley that hangs in the ceiling, at the foot of the bed. I hang around a 45deg. angle down from SO. It works REAL well! I use a little cooking timer to make sure that if I fall asleep, I dont hang 15+ pounds off my dick for hrs.! I set the timer, then put it on my chest. If fall asleep, when that load bell goes off, it scares the shit outta me.

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I do it while surfing the net. Just hang it off the edge of a chair and watch movies, play games, etc. Sometimes I stand and watch TV.

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