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I had the POP! happen on the upper side near the base of my penis during a hanging session. I have read about this reaction but this is the first time I have experienced it. Nice sensation and I felt good after with no soreness.


POP goes the Weasel

A little soreness but a very healthy soreness.

I noticed I could hang more comfortably like something had loosened up. Someone prayed WD-40 on my Tool!


More info on the POP!

Do ligs separate from the pubic bone during hanging?

The Pop I felt may be a lig separating from my pelvic area during hanging. What do you think?


I can’t be sure, but I think you’d be in a helluva lot of pain if that was the case. Well, a sense of sickening, dull pain that is persistant. I think that’s the operative work - persistent.

If there is no pain, don’t worry too much about it! No, it’s not your ligs detaching from the pubic bone - that would be very painful - even straining ligs is painful so if they came adrift from the bone you well and truly know about it! Major agony! Pops are more likely just the ligs loosening-up and it appears to be benign.

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