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Poll: How much weight before you gained.

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What was your MAX weight when you started to gain consistently from hanging?

< 5#


5.01 - 10#


10.01 - 15#


15.01 - 20#


20.01 - 25#


> 25# or Never

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Right now I’m at 8# BTC and OTL and have gained .75 - 1” BPEL over 8 weeks. I don’t know exactly where I started (BPEL) but I’m going to say this is accurate because I measured long before I started PE.

8# BTC is as much as I can handle right now, almost too much. I’m going to up my OTL weight.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

Maybe you have more elastin in proportion to collagen than most people. Your comment about healing quickly is really interesting because it goes against Bigger’s view that healing fast was the problem for hard gainers. Bigger actually thought Vitamin C was counterproductive for gains, because it encouraged faster healing of connective tissue, i.e., strength before length.


If there is something I have learned while hear at T’s, it is that I am a total freak of nature :D

Everything that works for me is totally opposite to what would be expected!

I am aware of Bib’s theory on Vit C and healing and thats just another reason for my dismay!

To be honest, I gave up trying to figure it all out a long time ago, and just PEed.

Originally Posted by Andrew69
To be honest, I gave up trying to figure it all out a long time ago, and just PEed.

That’s my outlook as well, I “just do it” :)

cead mile failte :lep:

Originally Posted by gonnabebig
Snm can you please go more in depth on hanging with less weight for more sets? If you can :)

I’m not sure there is more to explain.
To distort the tissues it is better to keep them in an extended state for more time than using heavy weight for only a few sets. That’s one reason why hanging takes a lot of time. This has been the case with me anyway. If you are just starting out hanging it might take a while to get to the fatigued state. (Say a couple of months) If you move up in weight too fast it doesn’t give the blood vessels and nerves time to stretch and you could get some numbness or a lack of blood flow. The more you hang the blood vessels will get larger and the nerves will stretch. You want to get to the fatigued state with as little weight as possible because the more weight you use the tighter the hanger has to be and the further back of the placement of the hanger. That said, you want to get to fatigue as fast as possible so your hanging in the fatigued state. That is why most guys start with their max weight and scale down through the hanging sets. Bib has said to start with your max weight and hang sets dropping weight till the weight is about half your max. The idea here is hang time in the fatigued state.

MM I have been hanging 35 # OTS for a while now and no results. It gets very stressful sometimes because I’m gripping the tunica every single time. It is definitely getting fatigued every time, lately it pretty much stays in a fatigued state.

It is a totally different level of fatigueness, never felt anything like it before, regardless no results. My tunica must be made of steel or something, also I wear an ADS throughout the day. It’s crazy when you feel like there is only one thing between you and your gains and for me it’s definitely my tunica.


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