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POLL: EG when hanging gains began

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POLL: Erect Girth When Hanging Gains Began

< 4”


4.01” to 4.5”


4.51” to 5”


5.01” to 5.5”


5.51” to 6”


6.01” to 6.5”


> 6.5”

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POLL: EG when hanging gains began

As sort of continuation of this poll, I was wondering what your erect girth was at the time your hanging gains started. If you haven’t done so already, please also enter the weight at which gains began on the earlier poll.

The idea here is to determine whether there is a correlation between weight at which gains started from hanging and erect girth. I probably should have done this all as one poll, but I just thought of it now.


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I have always been in the the 5.51” to 6” EG range and I have always hung in the 10-15 lb range. Maybe your polls are designed more for vets who have crossed several of the ranges. Or maybe your poll needs more granularity. Either way, my gains have been slow and inconsistent and seem to follow some level of deconditioning. I am currently trying to work at the edge without overtraining. Sofar, the only axiom I know is that what I do works but slowly.

Was a tiny bit over 6” midshaft, closer to 6.5” base. Started gaining in the 5 to 10 lb range.

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Does mid shaft girth really increase by hanging? I would think that EG would get smaller if you hang?

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"


Midshaft EG generally does not change from hanging. Base girth, however, often increases. No one loses girth from hanging.

MM’s goal in this poll is to see whether thicker penises require greater weight for lengthening via hanging.

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Hey, PG (I mean, nuevo brother mod :thumbs: ),

I’m now hanging over 20# as my maximum weight, at least 2 hours a day, and I haven’t gained a mm. I’m just wondering when, if ever, I can expect to put on some size. My EG is about 5.7 or 5.8.”

As you’ve noted, I’m thinking there may be a correlation between EG and the force at which gains begin. Thicker dicks probably have proportionally more longitudinal collagen fibers around their perimeters than thinner dicks. In theory, if a guy with 4” girth needs to hang 16# to start gaining, a guy with 5” girth would need to hang 20#, a guy with a 6” girth, 24#, and so on. I’m guessing that the relationship is roughly linear because thicker dicks don’t necessarily have thicker layers of collagen in the tunica; they only (I’m guessing) have more of it as needed to complete the greater circumference.

All that said, the girth number I’m looking for in this poll is the EG at the time length gains begin. That would allow me to correlate girth with force.

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I suspect that most of my gains have come through the ligs (despite my LOT, very strangely, never descending), which should be fairly independent of penile girth. Your poll might yield better results if it specified tunica gains, although admittedly it is very hard to know where one’s gains came from.

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