Please help with bottom gap.

Hello everyone my name is Jibarra85 and I have been quite active with PE for about a 2 years now and I have a question for experienced hangers. How big exactly is your bottom gap? How many threads?

A little info about my situation, I have a bib starter and have gotten to about 7 pounds with much success. However I can’t seem to go any higher because I get quite a lot of head swelling, and I am assuming its my bottom gap.

I am not a newbie when it comes to the bib, I have been using it for about 7 months on and off, so I know the terminology : pulse-push, BTB jelqing, etc. I have asked bib about my situation, but he recommended opening the bottom gap and increasing my wrapped flaccid girth, the problem with this method is that I don’t feel the hanger grasping the internals I once did. Thanks guys any info is greatly appreciated.

P.S How to I insert this in the hangers section?