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"Piss Pulls" - worth the trouble?

"Piss Pulls" - worth the trouble?

I recall that Sean Jacobs used to advocate doing what I will call “piss pulls”. Basically, everytime you go to take a piss, you take a little time after you are done and do some manual stretching (just 10-20 seconds worth). I have started to do this as part of my new routine for 2002 in hopes that it has some effect on keeping the penis stretched while it is healing from more rigorous hanging (currently at 20 pounds for at least an hour of hang time).

Does Bigger or anyone else have any thoughts on whether this practice of Piss Pulls is worth the effort or not. Maybe you need longer stresses to do any good for the “stretched healing” concept, but I thought this was worth a try.

Anyone else do this?



As long as you are there, with your penis out, I don’t see the harm. If nothing else, you will break any adhesions formed from the heavier hanging.



Bigger wrote:
“If nothing else, you will break any adhesions formed from the heavier hanging.”

I say:

That is exactly what I am hoping for!!! I think one of the main things to growth may be that you need to be consistent enough with excercise to keep the stretched state while healing. Thus, if one does the perfect excercise but does not maintain the workout value by consistently excercising for a period of time (i.e. 5 days per week for a month) then the value may be mostly lost. I am hoping that doing “piss pulls” will help to maintain the value (i.e. prevent the adhesions). The goal seems to be to create micro tears and then maintain the micro tears during the healing process. Therefore, as part of my new routine, I am commiting to one big workout per day (i.e. hanging for at least an hour total), piss pulls and a short (15 min) jelq/stretch at night. Hopefully this can maintain the benefits from hanging and I can get some more damn length!!!



I hear you, I just added a night session to supplement my morning hanging hoping for 2-3 hours per day but we will see.

I’m probably going to get a second hanger for the office after hours.

I’ve got a mother of a commute so this works for me. So instead of sitting in traffic I’ll hang and get some work done before bailing.

I’m still trying to figure out how to connect the bib to my retractable steering wheel to utilize my drive time.

Sounds scarey but given the fact the freeway speed in Socal is like 2 miles per hour and straight as the day is long how knows.


i can’t spell worth a shit, to much parting when I was younger.


In the old peforum I think I have a post there (if it wasn’t deleted due to the date of the backup) about this same experiment that I had, but I’ll post a brief explanation of it here.

I basically did this “Piss pulls” for two months and some days. I called them bathroom stretches but I think piss pulls are just fine :) I had a “routine” for it too: after my morning shower, when I was brushing my teeth I’d use my spare hand (the left in my case) to jelq or uli my d*ck. I’d do this for as many slow repetitions as possible during that teeth brushing. Then, during the day, and since I drink a lot of water, I went to the bathroom about 4-5 times so I had a lot of “piss pull” time. After releasing the waters :) I stretched the guy 10 times in all directions, being sure to had 2 reps per week.

The results of this were 0 (zero). But I probably know why. At the time, and at the present time, I didn’t have any kind of routine (due to several problems, but most importantly because I’ve gotten a little discouraged with the overall appearance of my d*ck after so much work - yes, I know that there are guys that didn’t gain half of what I did in twice as much time). But now I’m waiting for my Bib Hanger (that is only waiting for me to confirm my account on PayPal) and I’ll probably get to do a hanging routine, and I’ll do the Piss Pulls again during that.

Well, hope I’ve helped!


You must have missed my post on ez. You do not have to sign up with Paypal anymore. The CC things are still through paypal, but it is a direct purchase. They just act like a merchant bank.

Sorry, I should have sent you an email.


thanks for the reply guys.

First, LedZep, I have been wanting to figure a stretcher for my long commute also… LOL. I thought of just hanging, but feared a sudden stop of the car would jerk my cock off … OUCH! So, I think a stretcher is better. Been thinking about anchoring it to the stearing column, door handle or shift lever. Let me know if you come up with anyting good and I will do the same.

Second, UiShrike, thanks for the feedback. I think the piss pulls are only supplemental and not a routine in themselves. Since I am presently stalled on gains, I am hoping that the extra little work might be helpful. Also, I like the 2 a day routine, because I know Bigger did that and it makes sense if the theory of stressing stretched ligs is valid. Also, it makes sense if you beleive that using Bigger’s traction idea after hanging is good. I just really believe now that the best way to gains is to consistently hammer the ligs daily and then keep it stretched while healing between hammerings.

Good luck to all,


“I just really believe now that the best way to gains is to consistently hammer the ligs daily and then keep it stretched while healing between hammerings.”

I hate when you make it so f—kin simple like that.

The night shift is the answer…

Ok I’m driven home with willy stretched to the steering wheel and I pull up on this beautiful blonde in a mini skirt stopped next to me in traffic. Now willy is woody and I’m stuck, can’t move, can’t steer, can’t do shit. Now what do I do ….eh hello 911 my penis is..never time.

Just kiddin but it could happen!

I find that my flaccid cock hangs even longer after doing a few piss pulls and that has nothing to do with anything even close to getting an erection. If I pull it out and stretch it a few times, it just hangs better, period. I’m hoping that eventually, it’ll stay that length!

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