The 6cm long white PVC hose ridges I was using before were a little bit too short for my taste. They caused a little pinching at the top and at the bottom. So I made new ridges of 7cm long, I used a softer green PVC hose for this as this seemed more comfortable. To get the ridges as thick as before I used 3 layers.

At first the hanger would not work properly anymore. I didn’t get the support on the shoulders of my glans as before making my hanger slide over them a little making my glans engorge over time. After comparing the hanger with old pics I realised the ends of the white ridges went inwards because of the rigidness of the material. After trying some other stuff I added a vertical strip of PVC hose under the ends of the ridges at the bottom making the ridges go inward. After this modification I was able to hang properly again.

I also added adjustment nuts at the bottom. Without them the right side of the hanger stays angled after tightening the hanger, with them the last couple of turns of the bottom wingnuts force the right side to go straight too. I can now tighten the hanger more without any pinching.

Next time I feel creative I’m going to make a hanger with an angled front (the side supporting on the shoulders of the glans) like the BIB to see how that feels and make some bottomteeth for better support inside the hanger.

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