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penis surgery

penis surgery

I have recently recieved alot of messages from other members about my own surgery. For the money I spent I would not go to any other surgeon than the BEVERLY HILLS SURGICAL CENTER headed by Dr. Brian Rosnethal. They treat me like a person and not just a patient. The cost of the procedures al always less than anyone else. I am truely please with the results I got. I am currently 8 inches long erect and now a pussy busting 7 inches in girth. the wife loves the girth. Surgery gave me that hung like a horse flaccid look, but I still PE to try to get to that magical 10 inch mark

what were your measurements before surgery


I’m glad you and your wife enjoy your new dick. Still I’d be curious what procedure gave you this girth (sure not the lig cutting) and how it looks now. I am sceptic about the aesthetic results of girth enhancement. Could you post a pic?

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Sorry to bring this thread out of the grave, but I really don’t believe this. How can you get erect girth like that from surgery??

he obtain this girth by introducing fat of his body in his unit as he had a cutting ligs


I don’t get how that would work, the penis is too complex?!

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Fat injections are an old method of adding girth. It was sucked out of the abdomen or thigh and injected under the penis shaft skin. Most of it was reabsorbed and sometimes left the penis with a lumpy appearance. Current methods involve Alloderm which is a thin sheet of connective tissue harvested from dead people. It is placed between the skin and the fascia (I assume, I have no definite information about the procedure) and the patient’s body begins to grow its own tissue into the matrix. This is a more stable and more permanent surgical solution for extra girth.

I read that you can only increase flacid size, was this wrong then?

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I think both the lengthening surgery (lig cutting) and girth surgery (Alloderm or fat injection) would make the erect penis larger in both directions. Certainly the flaccid would be larger, but as the corpora cavernosa filled with blood, they’d expand things in the normal manner and the whole penis would look larger.

We have a few members who have had the surgery besides azfat8. Perhaps they’ll repost their story here.

I bet we would all love to see a before and after.

Seems like this azfat8 person was just posting an advertisement.

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I rarely see before and after pics, it’s the only thing that used to make me VERY skeptical.

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There are dozens of sites on the Internet by surgeons who perform the procedures. They almost always have before and after pics. Just Google “penis lengthening surgery” and you’ll find them.

Seems very fishy to me

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