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PE routine per hobby's connective tissue post

PE routine per hobby's connective tissue post

Am trading 5+ hrs/day golf for PE and want to have a good plan. Please critique this routine based on hobby’s connective tissue post:

1. I use a portable massage table to which i added an 8” long roller 6” above the table surface on one side. Laying with butt facing rolled fro BTC and belly facing roller for straight out. Am tryijg for length primarily.

2. AM Session light/med jelq for 30 min then 3 sets @22 min per set BTC @ 7.5#. Start each set with no warm up; 2 min cold hanging; 10min hanging with moist heat; and finish with 10 minutes hanging straddling a cold bottle of pepsi.

3. Noon Session 3 sets @22 min per set BTC @ 7.5# using same technique as in 2.

4. Evening Session same as 2. above except straight out.

5. ADS for one hour after each session.

6. Hope to add 2.5# per month for 3 months, ie, 15# max.

Hey bud_do

Firstly, Welcome!

Now your routine …..

This has the basis of good intermediate/advanced routine, however it is probably far too intense for a starter.

Firstly, start with one session per day - two is overkill in the early stages, but three is asking for trouble. You need to gradually prepare your penis for these workouts over time otherwise you substantially increase the risk injury.

If your going to jelq and hang, hang first and jelq after - you may have problems with your hanger attachment if you do it the other way around. I’d be inclined just to jelq between sets initially and forget a separate jelqing routine altogether.

Do a warm up before hanging - this can be with heat pads, rice socks or a hot towel. At the very least do some gentle stretches to increase the circulation before hanging.

You might like to try some ice cubes in a couple of plastic bags for your cool down period.

ADS is a good idea!

Generally, start with low weight first - only a few lbs until you get wrapping and hanger attachment down to a fine art. Then gradually over weeks and months increase both the weight and intensity in small increments. Initially, you probably won’t need a lot of weight to see benefit and more weight does not necessarily correlate with quicker growth.

Take it nice and slow and keep us posted!

lil1 :littleguy

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