PE and the ADS

In my very humble opinion, if you do PE regularly and frequently in a disciplined, dedicated manner you will gain in size.

If the microtears in the tissues of the penis are continually made with strong Fatigue (“Oh my God” factor) growth is going to occur.

This may be a poor analogy but when I weight lifted with great discipline and regularity, the tissues in my muscles would develop the microtears, regrow and increase in size. I experienced this first hand and know it works. I believe the same to be true with PE even though the Penis is not a muscle. They’re both made of the same tissue, but different anatomy.

Only after I stopped lifting weights for a few months did I begin to lose some muscle size while still retaining most of my gains. Makes me want to lift weights again. Enjoyed the “burn” and fatigue of working out. Pushing yourself to your absolute limits. Think this applies to PE as well.

But pertaining to the ADS. I think it’s an interesting idea. Will watch with interest to see if more people feel it’s helping them gain results.


Later . . LS