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Pain in scrotum from light weights

Pain in scrotum from light weights

It feels like blue balls but its not, no jokes ok guys.

I was hanging light weights off of scrotum and penis about 2lbs

at same time and was also pushing down on weights on scrotum.

That was five days ago and no pe since, since penis is sore as

well and feels a little weird also very few hard-ons last 5 days as well….

Any ever experience this while hanging (light or not)


Hey N2G, I had this happen after my first time hanging, also using 2lb but the soreness was in my abdomen and it went away after an hour, never had anything happen in my scrotum, just curios what device were you using to hang weights off your scrotum? Hopefully the vets of hanging will chime in on your problem :) !


I got a couple of ways to do it,
1) I use a girls wrist weight 1lb and push down on that or some-
times I put one weight on scrotum and one on penis and put penis though the one on scrotum.
2) I got a strap that is elastic and it has velcro on it and I attach
weights on it.

I think I will start up again very lite tomorrow.
Because about 15 minutes ago I just had great sex with wife
after a six days off five of them were my choice because I didn’t
want to hurt anything any worse.
It was starting off just like usual the wife said lets make it quick,
I tell her to be quiet and get into bed then she didn’t want to lay on her back (said she feels squished) and then she said oh I got this cold sore so in other words very little kissing, I put my foot
down. “I said enough move to the center of the bed and get on your back then I put a pillow over head and she was like whats up with the pillow, I said because you talk to much so lay back and relax and I took her hands that were laying on her body and moved them out to her sides three times, she kept moving them back. So now I had mouth covered her arms relaxed out to her sides and her on her back then I started kissing her neck, breasts, stomach etc, while now she wants to grab my growing cock so I let her then it was fully loaded I worked her over with the pillow over her face the whole time it felt really good so I really was into it and she was moving her body around after 20 minutes I exploded with out so much as hurry up or any B.S.
I just wanted to share this because its rare I’m not rushed with her, I don’t get all nighters with her but you got to start somewhere. I am also glad it worked since I was in slight pain for about five days..I’m rambling now sorry

ps I’m still curious what I did to scrotum, any ideas

N2G, I’m glad you got to spend time with your wife :) . As for the scrotum problem I have no idea, I made a ball stretcher strap at home that looks just like the ones they sell at vacutech, after a couple of minutes I took it off fearing cutting off circulation, all in all I had no problems, Maybe some guy’s that are knowledgeable in ball stretching will chime in :) ?


Yeah, I knooow...

folks would like a bigger bag! I admit that I don’t have experience with scrotum hanging or desire to sag my sack out any more than it already is. Nor am I putting down the endeavor for those who see things from a different perspective and wish to persue this activity. However, if you do this and your balls ache do not be surprised. They are after all, YOUR BALLS! The activity of hanging weights to stretch any bodypart has inherent risks, penis included. If you decide to do this to your balls, your are IMO taking on a risk of much greater magnitude. Pain would likely be a normal outcome of this type of hanging. I believe if you do a bit of research on the testicles and injuries/ailments, you may very well reconsider this idea and just hang the weights from your dick. Start with a gooooogle on “epididymitis” or “testicles” and “trauma”. I do have experience with this type of ailment a long while back and non-PE related. It went away, but really sucked all nastylike for a good, long while. You don’t want to go there. Be very careful for pain also serves as a warning signal to be obeyed, not simply something to be overcome. groa

Thx N2H & Groa———————-for the comments..

And I will be more careful but I will stretch them again in about a week, that way they will have about two weeks off. I did some
light light hanging today with no pain..thx guys~~


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