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pain from hanging

Is it like a burning, a pinching, what?

It’s not a constant pain. Only feel it if my penis moves slightly while walking or taking a piss or If I touch it.

So it’s not really a burning sensation. More pinching a guess, but I wouldn’t have used that word to describe it either. I get a twinge from time to time.

Yeah happened to me. It could be a too high weight. Do you warm-up?

I have JUST started to warm up with a gel pack that you put in the microwave. I usually rest it on my penis for 5 mins before hanging, but for the first two weeks I never used a warm up.

How did you stop the pain and what was causing your pain?

I am only hanging 3.3 lbs for 20 mins at the moment so not sure if it could be the weight.

It wasn’t recurrent for me. It was like a dull ache that sometimes gave short stings, if it’s clear what I men; some kind of hardening under the skin. I think those are pretty similar to ligaments strains, actually.

The guy who started this thread, what did he do to stop the pain?

Is it vital to warm up before hanging?

Vital? I think if you don’t like that feeling you should warm-up. Don’t know if this can be called ‘vital’. Don’t know what the OP did either. I wasn’t even here.

Oh right, so the OP isn’t here anymore? I thought he would still be around.

When you say warm up, you mean with a hot cloth or heated pad to warm the tissue up or do you mean, stretching the penis outwards for a few minutes, with your hand before hanging?

No I mean heat.

Well I will make sure that I use the heated gel packs for 5 minutes before hanging and hopefully it helps with the discomfort.

Report back. Many find a 25watt IR lamp is even better.

Cheers will do.

Another thing is that I had lig cut over 3 months ago. But this should be fully healed by now though.

Both ligs? Did you stretched after the cut? There could be some scarring there, which could be the cause of this feeling.

I used to Bathmate for about 2 weeks and that is it.

Not sure if it was both ligs.

Doesn’t feel like ligs though, feels like it’s the skin.

The skin too is less prone to injury after a good warm-up.


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