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P.C. flex while hanging

P.C. flex while hanging

When hanging out on a pulley (or beding over reading magazine on table!) P.C. flexs have a lifting action on the weight. Now obviously, one would not want to do this with a very heavy set, but it’s actually quite easy with lighter weights. It does seem to pull in the muscles (Bulbul????) at the genital base, but also has effects which can be felt deeper in. Another visual effect I noticed is that this action tends to pull on an thicken the penile shaft momentarily during the flex. Seems like this tension does have a stretching (or tensioning) effect on the tunica and deeper attachment points in the pelvic floor. Been curious on this one from the first hang, but never really came across an answer. When stretching for other fitness activities, a stretch, then slight opposing tension, followed by another stretch, definately gets more stretch. Might just be a muscle reaction rather than tendon/ligament, I don’t know for sure. Might be the “Golgi thing” happening on other body parts. When hanging out, there is definatley more than just lig’s involved here, muscles and tendons as well as other tough tissue come into play. Do these pelvic muscles (and there are many small ones) take up a cushioning effect on the connective tissue and is it beneficial to stretch them to maximum (safely of course, for a short time) in order to get a better stretch effect on the connectives? Anyone notice this if they tried it? If so, care to speculate on any benefits or dangers of flex tension on the straight out hanging angle? Thanx, groa

Hanging kegals


What great topics. Like a breath of fresh air.

As you know from the other forum, I am into multi-tasking. I always have tried to do as many things at one time as I can. This helps in trying to run a couple businesses, and can help in PE also.

Almost from the beginning, I learned to kegal while hanging. Kill two birds yada yada. When you practice a little, you can make kegaling almost an involuntary thing. Not quite.

You are correct that the tensioning of muscles against a stretch gives a greater stretch. Not only that, but the action also increases blood flow to the penis, just as any other muscle action will. With a production model hanger, I can actually see the head receiving the blood flow by color change. Remarkable.

Anyway, as with many other things in PE, I do not understand all the mechanics of this. But I did it, and like it.

One point. You may not be able to kegal for an entire set. For some reason, it does make things a little more uncomfortable for me. So I would kegal for maybe five minutes, then rest for two or three, then continue.

Another point. It really does not matter about the angle of hang. It just seems the anything above 90 degrees can be felt or seen to have a reaction. However, below 90 degrees, you still get the circulation benefits.



Yes it sounds interesting. I would have to be careful not to start to get erect. You know, flexing the pc and blood etc one can start to get an erection easily, so I would have to be careful and keep concentrating on the stretch aspect.


Dance, I am in awe of the fact that you can get an erection while hanging. I couldn’t if I tried…and I have tried, just for the hell of it. groa

I am not saying I can do it or ever tried. I meant that flexing the PC could cause the start of one. But I assume it would just die down because of the hanger.


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