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Over the Sholder!

Over the Sholder!

I have hade tremendous progress in the last couple of weeks.

After a couple months of reading the instructions and trying different adjustments with the bib hanger small version I made my post “Extreme Pain ouch!” and received some suggestions for adjustment and hanging. I think these suggestions were the final catalyst I needed to find the proper setting for me. I am starting to get some real consistency in my hanging routine for the first time in 2 years total of PE.

Four to five sets a day at 20 minutes each set, with 12 ½ pounds. This is five days a week with Sat and Sun off no PE at all. Total PE rest. This is the first time I have had this good a “weight hanging workout” since I started PE, 2 years ago.

Now we will see if some real gains can be made. Only moderate gains thus far. Everything feels good no pain, just the good minor soreness in the ligs from the hang.

I have made an over the shoulder chair for sitting at my computer or desk and hanging while working. This involves an aluminum frame constructed by me with a pulley and belt strap to attach to the Bib. It is very comfortable and works great. This is the first time I will be hanging over the shoulder because I did not know of the concept before this board. I will post the good, bad and the ugly about what happens. Take Care

Over the shoulder

Falcon, et al

I had a device which a chiropracter provided several years ago for stretching the neck. It consists of a sling that fits under chin and goes up around the head where it hooks onto the important part. This consists of a metal device which simply hooks over the top of a door. It has an arm that extends out 90degrees in a horizontal directiomOn this horizontal arm are two pulleys. The weight portion of this device is a plastic bag with marks on the side indicating weight of the water that you put inside the bag. The bag has a rope which attaches to it with one end. The other end of the rope is then run up and over the pulleys and then down to where it would attach to the neck sling, or BIB hanger.!!!!. Works like a charm. Can hang in almost any direction except downward, orBTC. You can simply sit in your chair and watch TV or computer, etc. You can also lie on the floor in the appropriate position and get a left and right stretch. I’m not sure where to purchase one of these or what the cost is. Might check a medical supply place. Again, its designed useage is as a neck extender.



Thanks I will check it out.


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