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I’ve been searching the forum trying to find an answer to this, because i’m sure it’s come up in the past.

When using a golf weight ADS, how do you stop the weights from swinging back when you walk and hitting you in the balls?

I’ve been wondering that myself.When I wear them around the house,it’s not much of a problem really,but I work

Construction,and I don’t think I could work with these things banging into my balls all day,or accidentally mashing

One of them because of the golf weights freely swinging.Any advise veterans?

Try taking ace bandage and wraping it aroung the weights and then to your inner thigh close to your gland. You can figure this out by experimenting with the wrap

This is a new problem to me. I’ve never noticed it bothering me. Perhaps it’s because in your pants everything is kind of crowded anyway so therefore there is really no swinging going on. Now maybe if your pants are super loose fitting then you might experience this. Perhaps others can comment on this.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Well, how many rings do you guys usually wear?

If more than 4, is that all that will fit?

Maybe if i lined it all the way down, it wouldnt be able to swing that much?

I dont understand. My balls take a beating every time i wear the weights. And i’m wearing 4 at a time.

I wear four at a time.and I guess my balls do hang kinda low.I might try wrapping the whole works together for a day and see how that does.

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