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Has anyone made any significant gains purely hanging OTS? Does OTS purely target the tunica or are the ligs hit as well. For some reason it is the only type of hanging that doesn’t cause me very painful skin stretching problems.

If you’re just starting out you might want to spend some time BTC or at least SD to lengthen your ligs. Those seem to be the easiest gains. The speed and degree of progress depend on how severely your ligs are restraining your present length.

Skin stretching can be minimized somewhat by optimizing your wrap placement and hanger placement. Also, hanger attachment is important. It needs to grasp the internal structures, not just slide down until it dangles from skin. Even with all this right many guys will need to spend some time stretching skin to develop enough slack for hanging in the lower positions without the skin taking most of the load. Usually this is done by starting at SO or a little below and gradually working down to BTC as the skin allows.

The reason you’re not feeling as much skin stretch OTS is because the shaft “borrows” some scrotum skin in that position. There isn’t such a reserve on top.

OTS for me doesn’t hit ligs at all. I feel it mostly in the deeper parts of the CC’s.

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