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OTS Success!

OTS Success!

I’ve been working hard at hanging for about a month now. For convenience, I’ve hanged mostly SO, over the end of the chair (I sit on a clipboard and use it as a crude pulley). I’ve occasionally done BTC sets, but it’s frankly had to multi-task while lying on my back.

Initially, the thought of “hanging” OTS seemed impossible. My dick just couldn’t handle the stress in that direction. A month later, I can not only handle it; I love it.

Here are the benefits:

1) I can keep my pants on.
2) I can get out of my chair.
3) I can walk (carefully) around the room.

In short, I no longer feel like a naked paraplegic. The possibilities for “hanging” and simultaneously having a productive life have just markedly improved.

My technique is crude, but I’m sure I it will get better. I attach my Bib Hanger to a bungee cord. The cord goes over the shoulder and attaches to a weight, which hangs between my shoulder blades, or against the back of the chair. The bungee cord promotes safety by providing crucial shock absorption when I walk around.

In the future, I’d like to use 2 bungee cords, one over each shoulder. This will balance the load and take strain off my shoulder. I may also add some padding.

Yippee! I’m free!

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
In short, I no longer feel like a naked paraplegic.

SCOM!! :rolling: I KNOW that feeling.

I think I understand what you are doing, how does the clip board come into play?

cead mile failte :lep:

I use the clipboard for SO. Basically, I sit on the clipboard to hold it in place. An edge of the clipboard extends slightly past the end of the chair, and forms a hard and smooth surface for the nylon straps of the Bib Hanger to slide on. The hanger’s straps (actually, the two sides of a single loop) extend straight out and then turn straight down as they pass over the edge of the clipboard, so that the hook at the end of the strap hangs over the edge. I attach the weight to the loop. The weight hangs straight down, but the vertical force is transmitted to a horizontal force by the edge of the clipboard, which acts as a pulley.

Thanks for the reply.

>> In the future, I’d like to use 2 bungee cords.

Great Idea, it also ensures an extra bit of safety in case it slips off the shoulder! Ouch.


This sounds like an engineering project. I’ll post pictures if I can figure out something descent.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
This sounds like an engineering project. I’ll post pictures if I can figure out something descent.

That would be cool. I kind of dropped hanging, but if I could do it incognito, I might get back into it.


cead mile failte :lep:

If the weights clunk around and smack you, consider something like this.

Thanks Hobby. The back pack is a good place to start, although I might prefer the straps to be a little more elastic. Maybe I could just use bungee cord instead of rope in the front, for connecting the hanger to the shoulder straps.

With that design, I wonder, however, whether the shoulders would bear a large percentage of the force, rather than transmitting the majority of the force (like pulleys) to the hanger.

Instead of having the left and right bottom straps (those sewn to the bottom of the pack) rejoin with the respective shoulder straps, I might try removing them from the front buckles and joining them together (maybe with a new buckle) to form a waist band.

That way, all the force (minus friction) would be transmitted to the hanger, and the waist band could provide lateral and front-to-back stability.

Thanks again.

BTW, I just tried exactly what I posted above and it worked like a champ.

I took a conventional backpack, removed the straps that run under the arms from the front buckles, and connected a short bungee cord between the front buckles. Put weights in the bag, and connected the hook of my Bib Hanger to the middle of the bungee cord.

I bought an extra clasp so I can fasten together the loose ends of the underarm straps to form a waist strap, but, so far, it really isn’t needed. The arrangement is pretty stable without it.

Great idea! I can put my old college bookbag to good use. Thanks, Modestoman!

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