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OTS , SO hangers ??

OTS , SO hangers ??

After my low LOT discovery I began to hang SO and OTS

I was wondering what should I feel when hanging SO and OTS …?? When I hang OTS I feel a little bit discomfort inside from my left and right side of balls …

What is better to hang SO or OTS to hit the tunica ? or the mix of each …

I don’t know guys but after my todays session of OTS andSO , I don’t feel any soreness at all .. Should I feel any soreness at all and where ?

It seems that no matter how much I hang (weight and time) I never have that feeling of satisfaction after the workout knowing that I will gain some …. If I saw a mm only ,it would give me a satisfatcion and I would continue to do my everyday workout with joy…So far 9 weeks with none gains….I will continue my everyday routine for the next 10 months … If I do gain none in that 10 months I will know that PE doesn’t work for me …

Are you hitting any level of fatigue when you hang?

For me, OTS seems to stress the CS and underside of the tunica, low behind the balls like you seem to be describing. SO hammers the Septum…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I don’t know how could I explain that fatigue … maybe I do feel fatigue during the hanging session , but after the removal of the hanger and warming up or cooling down … I don’t feel nothing after …


If you reach a point where you know you have to lower the weight to continue hanging, you’ve experienced fatigue. If you feel pretty much the same when you quit hanging as you did when you started (for the day), you probably need more weight, more time or a combination of the two.

What I feel when I’m good and fatigues DURING hanging and AFTER hanging are two completely different feelings.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

What do you think about this idea …

Well when I hang SO … i put one end of a plastic rope connected to the weights over one side of a washmachine and the other end I tie up to the bib … so I’m basicly standing on one side of a Wmachine and the weights are on another side … when I put weight ,the plastic rope easily slides over the Wmachine giving me a stretch … But not the stretch I wanted … So I was doing this … a weight pulls my P. forward but I stretch oposite the force of the weight … Weight goes forward , I go backward , my dick wants to go forwards but I pull it back …. this gives me a good tension force …

So basicly I let the weights pull my dick forward for a 30 - 35 cm , then I start to move the weights up with my backward pull , I’m not moving , I stay anchored at one position , only my hipps are doing the job …

Is this OK , what do you think ??


Than I move to my right side and do some side stretches , and I feel that my right side of CS is stretching (behind the balls ) … the same thing is with the left side , but pulling it SO back i feel a little bit stretch behind the balls , but more near the balls , left and right side of a balls :)

any comments ?? thanx



maybe I will have to add more weight to feel a good stretch SO when pulling back…

It feels like active stretching with your hands(tension stretch),not static , so my pulling back lasts about 10 seconds , then easily ,holding the stretch I move forwards , and than all over again for 3 *20 min sets two times a day… ?


and btw I feel like my outer shaft is burning inside … is that a sign that i’m doing right ? …


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