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OTS question

OTS question

Hi all,

I would appreciate any help as I have just started hanging OTS.
My LOT is about 7:30.

I have attached a picture of my set up which is a squat stand behind my chair.
I attach one end of the strap to my BIB hanger and hang it over the squat stand.

Two concerns I have so far are, when the weight is attached and hanging over the stand it does not feel anywhere near as heavy as it would were I hanging BTC or SD.
I guess this is because there is friction where the strap meets the stand.
I am not sure whether there is anything I can do about it or just add more weight.

The second concern is that with the weight attached, if I feel the underside of my penis it appears there is no tension at all (I thought this is where it would be tight if I was pulling out the inner penis)
but the front of my penis is tight all the way down to and including the fundiform ligament.

Views appreciated.

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Two things:

1) Try to get a device of some kind to get rid of the friction on top of the pole where the strap is bent so severly. This is acting as a friction stop (a brake) on your strap, and killing the force and pull from your weight. You can do different things. Personally I use a very tight, slick rope and run it through a semi circle (45 degree bend?) PVC attachment from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. A smooth bearing type of set up would be even better but I have not taken the time to set that up yet.

2) You might need to stretch your skin before hitting the tunica directly. Do not underestimate this as I did for so long. Do searches in skin stretch, especially what Bib ad to say about this. He has said that if there was any taughtness at all in the skin while he was hanging he would switch over to dedicated skin stretch until he had created some slackness in the skin. The skin has to strecth first, or the skin will steal stress from your tunica and rob you from gains and maybe even waste a lot of your time.

- Poke

An additional thought………

Try hooking a Bungi to the top of your pole then down to your Bib. My bet is you could get the same tension but more control and easier to handle. An adjustable Bungi can be made to immulate just about any tension you need.

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