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OTS hanging

OTS hanging

Hi guys, Question for you hangers. My LOT is low and I want to start doing OTS hanging. But when I am sitting in my chair I just really don’t feel like I am getting a good stretch from doing this. Are you supposed to be laying down and having it go over the side of your bed? Standing up I can feel the stretch. I usually hang BTC and am really used to that. Now I want to switch it up but want to make sure I am hanging effectively so i am not wasting time. Here are a few questions I have.

#1. Are you supposed to be hanger really slow to keep pressure off of your glands when doing OTS? How high/Low should the hanger be?

#2. What are the feelings you are supposed to get OTS?

#3. Can you have fast gains from doing OTS? What is the gain rate?

#4. Anything else you could tell me about OTS that you wish you would have known? I am a complete newb again starting this.

Thanks alot guys!

I think SO hanging with a hook or pulley behind your desk is easier and you can also lower your chair for higher angles. A hook or pulley generates less friction than your shoulder so you have better control over the weight.

With BTC a part of the tension is taken by your skin. In the SO position your skin will have more slack and allow your hanger to slide against your glans. To avoid this you will probably need to tighten your hanger more.

Depending on angle and limiting factor you will either not feel that much or you will feel it near your ass where the CS is attached.

Low LOT doesn’t necessarily mean you can only gain from the tunica.

Thanks for your reply Piet, didn’t think I was going to get one. =) So I take it you don’t necessarily go for the LOT theory then? I hope you are right about the LOW not thing. Different forums I read said its like 2-3 times harder to gain with LOW lot. Which is why I want to raise it with hitting my Tunica. Any more ideas or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

I forgot exactly what made me think it is flawed, but there are several threads that shed more light on the matter. Don’t let a theory discourage you from trying to gain. Your goal should be to increase your length not to improve your LOT.

What may be worth mentioning is that when you hang SD/BTC you’re stretching both your ligs and the tunica starting from your ligs to your glans. When you’re hanging SO or higher angles you’re stretching your entire tunica. This may make guys believe who start out with SD and then move on to SO you can gain faster from just your ligs than from the tunica, while in fact they already gained from the tunica while hanging SD and most of the tunica has already been stretched before they start SO.

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