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Other ways of hanging

Other ways of hanging

Guys I’ve been hanging straight down or between the cheeks. I sit in a chair and put my legs up on another chair, and hang the weight to one side of my nuts. How can I hang other ways like straight out and up?

A pulley system I attached a pulley to my desk so I just hang sitting down but with the pulley it hangs straight out or if I put my chair down, it stretched a higher angle.

should be mr 7 inch updated girth 4 7/8 7.25 BPEL 4.75 girth Penis to Height Ratio: 1:8.96

5 1/8 girth 9/21/11

how do I make a pulley system.


A very simple Straight Out technique I use is to get yourself a piece of PVC tubing appx 16-18” long. Run a cord or a strap through the center of the tube (there is an elastic strap with Velcro ends you can buy that works great). A common pant-waist belt will also work.

Place the tube across your lap slightly above the knees and wrap the strap around your legs - snuggly connecting it to hold the tube in place. Keep your legs appx 10-12” apart.

Attach a piece of slick nylon cord between the S-hook of your hanger and your weight. Drape the cord over the PVC tube.

Subtle variation in angle height can be achieved by altering the level of your knees.

Another benefit is that you can swivel around, as well as move back and forth, left or right, in a desk chair and maintain exact tension.

I have found this beats the hell out of a pulley system.

You can also create a fulcrum by laying another piece of the same tubing across your lap and under your unit.


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