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Ordering Bib Hanger?

Ordering Bib Hanger?

I’m new to hanging, but not new to manual exercises. So I’m asking is it possible to order the bib hanger from this site, if not which site can I order it from.

Another thing, if I order it, how exactly is it gonna come in, I mean I don’t want it to be delivered and it says on the box “penis enlargement hanger” I’m 18 and live with my mom still so I can’t exactly have her knowing or it’ll be embarrassing.

I don’t think you can order stuff from this site, but eBay or Amazon would be your best bet they would come in a blank box no one would know what it is. If for the 1% chance it comes to the door in the original box just tell your mom it must be a joke and you’ll look up the address on amazon and contact them they sent the wrong item. Over the last 2 years i probably ordered 100 things of the net none ever came in original boxes.

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As marinera suggests, the only place you can get new bib hangers is from It will come in a box marked exercise equipment from the US. I don’t believe Bigger ships his hangers with instructions in the box, so it would be hard to tell what it is even with an open box unless you already know what it is.

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Oh ok thanks for the bibhangers. Com site I’ll do that, thanks for the help everyone.

If you are new to hanging, then making yourself a wench or similar would probably be a cheaper and better first step.

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Plain box, protective material and a lifetime worth of tape.

I ordered from Bib. No problems. Works great.

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