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Ordered me one of each ;)

Ordered me one of each ;)

Yep thats right if he’s not gona be selling anymore after this month I just bit the bullet and said hell with it and after (if actually needed) I use the bib starter I can always pass it down to a son so he’ll be well hung in his school days and not have the bothersome worries if he’s big enough ;)

Can’t wait to tell you guys how the progress goes.

One more thing what is a good device to use as weights?

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??



I use 2kg barbell plates, and thread nylon sting through them.


Spring Balance

A spring balance pulling against a fixed object—such as a hook screwed into the floor — or in my case, any one of three parallel bars that make up a short length of ballustrading in my attic is both cheaper than bought weights, and gives you the option for lots of different angles, depending whether you’re standing squatting, or front on or back on to the point of attachment. You also get any weight that you want, and it only weighs —-almost nothing—— itself.

I use elastic luggage straps, but you could use any rope or cord to connect.

Before I hit on thi, I was using 2 litre milk bottles filled with water. 1 litre is 1 kg- by definition, and the Aussie ones have built in handles. A bit bulky but “free”.

Anything will do really.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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