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Ok, what the HELL is this!?!?

Ok, what the HELL is this!?!?

WTF. I am up to 10lbs in hanging SD with the wench now so today, I decided to throw in a set of SO hanging for the first time. My set up was merely a rod placed in between my legs as I sat down and flingin the rope with the weights over it and hanging with the wench. I completed 20 min, took the wench off, and now there is this….I don’t even know how to describe it…It’s this mass of skin bunched up together on the underside of my unit right in front of where the wench was (a little behind my head) that is apparently filled with some sort of liquid( I can tell this from feeling it)…What is this! What have I done!?!? I then went to watch some porn quickly and get a boner as quick as possible. Now, 5 min later, it’s soft and that thing is still there but to a lesser degree. Please respond qquickly! Help me!

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Just a little fluid build up. The fact that it came at the end of your sets doesn’t surprise. It is something that usually accumulates over a short period of time.
It will go away - probably already has begun. Getting erect and massaging it out can expedite this.
But treat it gently so as not to rupture it like a blister.

It’s a very common thing that will likely not prevent you from continuing your regular routine.


btw- a lot of the time this can be attributed to a wrap that is too tight.

Don’t worry. It’s fluid. You shouldn’t be getting any noticeable amount from only one set. I have had that happen (on occasion very bad - scary bad), from having too little skin between the wrap and the head. The wrap was too far forward.

For me there are two choices: 1) wrap far enough back that there is adequate skin in front of the wrap to partially ride over the head, or 2) wrap over the head, leaving no shaft skin exposed at all, particularly in the area you describe. If you wrap so that only a small bit of skin is exposed there, it will quickly bloat with fluid. Also, make sure your wrap isn’t too tight.

Ok. Thanks Cap. I tried getting erect and now I jelqed pretty hard and it’s still there a little bit. But I think that I’m not gonna hand anymore today which officially makes this my first rest day in over 2 weeks. Cap’n, how come this only happened when I tried SO? Why didnt it happen SD? Does this mean I will never be able to hang SO without this happening?

Also Cap, this guy goingdeeper has a solution in this thread: Doughnut from Hanging .
WHat do you think of this? Is it advisable?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

You can get rid of it pretty quickly after a set by wrapping the puffy area tightly with Theraband or something similarly elastic. Give it 10-15 minutes, then unwrap. It helps a lot.

Thanks Hobby. I’m on it

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Ok, it’s wrapped. BUt I don’t have Theraband. I use ACE self-adhesive bandages. Is that okay?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Thanks for the quick response guys…. You guys respond more quickly than cops and ambulances do! lol. I hope this doesn’t mean I can never hang SO. I felt this mass of skin congealing and growing as I hung, but since this is my first time doing SO, I thought it was nothing. Now, I not how it starts and I may be able to prevent it. Is the the famous donut effect?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

ACE should be fine. Just be sure the whole puffy area is wrapped. If you leave a little exposed that bit will get worse instead of better.

>Is the the famous donut effect?

No, but both are from fluid accumulating.

Everything that Hobby said.

But also keep in mind that although getting erect and gently massaging it may help quicken its dispersal, overdoing this (jelqing) will only aggravate it. Don’t jelq, simply knead the spot gently in a variety of directions while using a water based lubricant.

I have used the erect technique at times when this occurred and I wanted to put in a few more sets. If you are content to take a rest for the day, simply follow Hobby’s lead and it will likely be gone by your next workout.


Thanks guys. Just got up this morning and looked at it and it is completely gone and back to normal. But now, looking at the underside of my unit where it developed, I notice and remember that there is a slight buildup of skin there (looks like from circumcision). So now when I hang SD or SO with the wench, I will try wrapping the entire unit with my ACE self-adhesive wrap. Any potential downfalls to doing this?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Wrapping over the head is OK as long as you leave enough exposed to monitor color, temp and feeling. I think you’d be better off solving the problem instead of (literally) covering it up. You shouldn’t be getting much fluid in that area from only a few sets. Try wrapping a little looser, and start the wrap about 1” behind the head so the skin can roll over the head instead of getting pinched between the head and the front of the wrap.

See this thread. He has a little more skin forward than necessary, but the pics show the general idea. Wrapped and attached similarly, fluid buildup should not be a problem. If it persists, the hanger may be the cause. You’d have to ask Cap or another Wench user for help with that.

In my experience, the rare times that I ended up with pockets of fluid buildup had everything to do with questionable wrapping technique.
I found this meant I had been wrapped too tightly and without enough skin forward of the device.
I would put in a crazy amount of hangtime every day, so it was my desire not to have to unwrap very often. If I had a bad initial wrap, after a few sets I would sometimes end up being forced take a few hours break from my sets for the day - or even end the routine because of fluid build up.
Tight wrap is the cause of many problems IMO. I ultimately settled on using as little wrap as possible - just enough to adequately bind skin and internal tissue and enough to give the Wench a nice foundation to grasp.
I tried to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. The less variables, the less chance for error.

The only other times I have had fluid buildup was from leaving exposed skin directly behind the coronal ridge while using a traction wrap for many hours straight.



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