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OK guys trying hanging again!


OK guys trying hanging again!

Well I looked up my old post to see the date, and can you guys believe that it has been over a year and three months since I injured myself. In fact, some time had passed before I posted that. For all you guys that don’t know, here is my original post to get you up to speed.…=&threadid=1087

Well I have been very patient. I can’t believe it has been that long. In the back of my mind I think it is possible that I will never be able to hang again. Talk about disappointing. I finally found something that was working and then I had to stop. This injury has resurfaced time and time again in PE to the point that all I could do is uli-wrap. I began doing a little manual stretching and jelqing to condition it. Things are improving and I decided (more out of curiosity than anything else) if I can resume hanging. I still have great reservations.

Well it was strange wrapping again and attaching the hanger but I did not have trouble. I am going to begin very very carefully and monitor accordingly. I just hung with 2.5 pounds sitting on the edge of a chair for 7 minutes and then lifted up my legs to the BTC for and additional 3 minutes. That is a 10-minute hang at 2.5 pounds. It felt ok but there was a little strain, and I was not going further than that anyway. I will see how I feel later. If ok then I will increase slowly and surely time and weight. It was nice to get the old feeling back again, but increased weight and time so that it fatigues is a whole other thing and in fact may not be possible again. I will let you guys know how it goes.

Wish me luck.


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Good luck Dance :)

Have fun.


Glad to hear you’re feeling better. That’s really good news.

Wish you safe gains.

ù ì å í



go very carefully. Your ligs will not take nearly as much. Mine did not and I was off only a few months, though I am not as
daily intensive as a year or more ago. I am pretty much where I want to be, and am working on girth now with horse
squeezes and uli wraps.

My hanging is still severely limited by my uncut physiology, to which I am considering a surgical cut to increase the
circumference of my precupice foreskin opening.

Good luck.

Thanks Will and Pinister,

Phat, Thanks too and you are right. I am already sore from only those very light 10 minutes. I am not getting my hopes up either. I will be very very careful. I was going to do the rest of my PE today but now think I better stop. I might do a few wraps later high up the shaft, but in the future I will do all my wraps etc., and then later try one set of hanging at night.

Of course that is the opposite of the way I used to, hanging first and then doing the girth later. As you know, doing too much for girth will make it difficult to hang because of soreness and possible fluid, but that has more to do with many sets etc. At this point I am just trying to get used to it and see if I will even be able to do this. I see that it will be a slow process of easing into this with all care. The last thing I want is to mess myself up and then not be able to do anything.

As for the uli wraps I have absolutely without question become a master of this. After all, that is all I have been doing this whole time. It is amazing what I can do with the wraps. I can wear it under the clothes on the way to modeling or at home for growth. Depending on how far away the school is tells me how much pressure. From the placement and the amount of pressure I can tell exactly how long I can wear it. Further up the shaft for the upper shaft and head, and lower down for the entire shaft. Also if I want I can make it loose enough to where after I wear it for a while I can push some of the pressure out and let it build up again.


In fact, been thinking about how to incorporate hanging and for now here is what I think I will do. I don’t want to disrupt my regular routine especially since I will only be introducing hanging to see how I respond. So I will do my normal routine of uli wrap all day and now adding the 3 sets of pumping and jelqing at night some days. If I do this right, the next day I will be too sore to continue. Sometimes I can squeese in a second day. Anyway, on the off day I can just through in a set of hanging to see how it goes. That should be enough at least for a little while to see.

I will keep you guys informed.


Hey Dance-- R U Sure you're not overdoing it???

Hey Mate— Great to have you back into hanging, but…..just a couple of “Take care” thoughts from the antipodes——

Shouldn’t your day off be just that and nothing more, at this stage??

Also— Are you also sure that perhaps a week or two where you substitute some hanging for some of the jelquing wouldn’t be the safer way to get back into it ?? (and possibly allow for some experimentation with slightly higher weights…. see I’m not all that conservative….)

(ex Pumpinon7-9)

“Easy does it…….????”

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!


I appreciate your thoughs and here is my response. My first step was to just do one set and see what happens. At first I was sore but on the inside not so much the base shaft, which also shares in this injury. The next day I was fine and I did my whole day girth routine.

As for you question about rest days P9, yes if I am doing lots of hanging then things change, but I am just seeing if I can get used to it again. Therefore doing one or two short light weight sets for now will not effect the resting. Besides that there is a huge difference between lateral stretching for girth and longitude streching of the ligs. Even when I was full blast with all my hanging, on the off days I could do the girth routines without problems and it is fine. If I was jelqing for girth then I understand because there is pulling etc, but that does nothing for me. I focus on internal pressure and lateral stretching with uli-wraps. The problem comes when a person does an all day girth routine and then hangs many sets the next day. The soreness can get in the way. I used to hang sets in the morning and 2 extreme uli-thing sets at night for many days, and then when the ligs were fatigued I would only do uli wraps for one or two days and finally take a day off.

As for your question about substituting hanging for jelqing, I don’t jelq. Maybe just a little between sets of uli wraps. But if you mean the same thing with the ulies then here are my thoughts. Yes sooner or later that is the step to make and hopefully it will be soon, but I have to build up to hanging. I am not sure why you quesion easy does it. This is my penis and obviously I am the best judge of how I am feeling. I have suffered a severe injury that has constantly pagued me and took me out of the game for over a year. So if I waited this long I think I can take my time without undue pressure to rush things. If you were in the same boat you would understand my caution. Besides, I really love my girth routine and don’t want to disrupt things by being impatient and then hurting myself to the point where I can’t do anything. I am changing the shape from a missile to a torpedo haha. I had quite a bit of taper from the base to the head and it is now the upper shaft and head is a little bigger and more even with the shaft. It is best to slowly ease things in be adding hanging.

I hung again yesterday for just a little longer. One set of about 13 minutes but most was btc and it was still only 2.5 pounds. I was going to do another set later but ran out of time.


Hey Dance---- "Just playing mother"

I’m not trying to upset you , or question your methods — just urging that your obvious enthusiasm— which we all share for you— be tempered by “lots of care”.

I’ts very hard to express in these things in writing without creating the wrong impression.


Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

I guess I misunderstood your statement which said,

“easy does it ????

It sounded like you were asking why should I take it easy and that I should be less conservative like you. OK now I understand. :)


Well guys looks like things are going well. A few days later I did another set of about 14 minutes with about half being btc, but still at only 2.5 pounds and had no problems. Then today I just finished a 20 minute set (yeah!) with about 15 of those in the BTC position. I am almost tempted to do a second but will not. I had a very good stretch and it felt great. A little sore, but not painful or a bad feeling. The main problem is that I don’t always get sore right away but later so I half to be careful. Anyway, next time I will add a pound or maybe a second set.



IMO you are one of the more indispensible (is this English?) contributors to this board.

Glad to see all is coming along fine.


Thanks Guiri.


Full Clarification.....???


The question marks after my original “easy does it” comment would have been clearer as exclamation marks, but then I would have seemed to be (kind of) yelling at you.

The “see I’m not that conservative” was a kind of “self -put -down” for daring to start to tell you how to get back into hanging

I know you’re a “details man”, and I originally answered in a general way so thought I would clear up any misconceptions……

(Or did I just make some new misconceptions????…..I love this medium….NOT (!!!!)….. sometimes. )

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Everything is cool. I understand.


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