I was not able to hang until yesterday because I was sore. I had overdone it in other ways (sexually and materbation action doing PE for girth). So I was sore and not able to hang until yesterday.

This will be my running thread of my progress. I hung yesterday (5 minutes down and 15 btc) After 5 minutes I added another pound so now was hanging 3.5 pounds. I was fine afterwards. I tried another set later on, but after 10 minutes I became sore with only 2.5 pounds in a bad way and had to stop. I am kind of sore today (not bad, but not in a good way either). Hard to believe this is so hard to get back into after so much time off. Seems crazy that such light weight can effect me in this way after I used to be able to hang so much more. I did a treatment (ice and DMSO) and if I am better later on I will some girth wraps (higher on the shaft) today and if better on Sat try hanging again. I think I will just stick with one set for now and increase weight. After I get to say 5 pounds for 20 minutes then maybe I will try another set.